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Twilight Names from the Twilight Saga

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The worldwide popularity of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga has brought a slew of unusual names to the forefront while also reinvigorating the appreciation of names that, for one reason or another, might have dropped out of fashion. Listed below are a selection of main character names from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Be forewarned, some of the names come with brief character descriptions – so if you haven’t read the books, there are spoilers ahead!

Twilight book coverThe Humans

•    Bella – Short for Isabella. The awkward and accident-prone main character and love interest of vampire Edward Cullen.

•    Charlie – Bella’s lovable but oblivious father and the police chief of their town of Forks, Washington.

•    Renee – Bella’s scatter-brained mother.

•    Jessica – One of Bella’s frenemies at her new school in Forks, a gossipy busybody who once had a crush on Edward.

•    Mike – School jock and all-around good guy, develops a quick crush on Bella that he carries for some time.

•    Eric – Bella’s classmate and friend who also has a bit of a crush on her.

•    Lauren – Pseudo-friend of Bella’s; popular, gossipy, and snobby.

•    Tyler – Almost crushes Bella with his car before Edward comes to the rescue (and also has a crush on Bella – the boys love this brown-eyed girl).

•    Angela – A true friend to Bella; thoughtful, loyal, and kind.

The Vampires – Cullen Coven

•    Edward – Mind reader of everyone except for Bella. Handsome, chivalrous vampire with incredible self-control and utterly devoted to Bella.

•    Carlisle – Patriarch of the Cullen coven, revered town doctor, created his family by saving the lives of Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett and turning them into vampires.

•    Esme – Matriarch of the Cullens, Carlisle’s wife, mother figure of the five Cullen “kids” for all intents and purposes.

•    Alice – Edward’s “sister” and Bella’s best friend. Spritely but fierce, fashion maven, able to see the future (when werewolves aren’t involved).

•    Jasper – Alice’s partner. Has the ability to control the emotions of people around him. Unfortunately, has a hard time controlling his own vampire thirst around Bella.

•    Rosalie – Considered the most beautiful woman, though incredibly shallow and vain. And she kind of hates Bella for being human (which is what Rosalie wishes she still could be).

•    Emmett – Rosalie’s partner. The big teddy bear of the Cullen clan, though fierce and competitive.

Half-Human, Half-Vampire

•    Renesmee – Daughter of Edward and Bella (who gave birth to her before becoming a vampire). Named after her grandmothers – Renee and Esme. Has the ability to show anyone what she has seen or is thinking by touching their face.

•    Nahuel – Saves the Cullens by appearing, after being tracked down by Alice and Jasper, just as the Volturi arrive in Forks to discipline the Cullens for creating a “child vampire” (Renesmee). He is proof that human-vampire hybrids exist and are not a danger to the Volturi.

The Nomadic Vampires

•    James – A tracker and the main villain who tries to kill Bella in Twilight but is foiled (and destroyed) by the Cullens.

•    Laurent – Warns the Cullens of James’ tracking abilities in Twilight. Spends time with the Cullens’ vampire friends before coming back to Forks in New Moon where he attempts to finish off Bella… but then the werewolves finish him off.

•    Victoria – Determined to kill Bella for her role in partner James’ demise. Eventually killed by Edward in Eclipse after she created an army of newborn vampires to wreak havoc and assist in her revenge against Bella.

The Vampires – Denali Coven

•    Tanya – One of the three original Denali “sisters.” Leader of this Alaskan coven, once interested in Edward. Friends of the Cullens since they share the same vampire sensibility – only drinking animal blood, not human.

•    Irina – Denali “sister.” Mate of nomadic vampire Laurent. Holds a grudge against the Cullens for Laurent’s death at the paws of the werewolves and eventually sells them out to the Volturi.

•    Kate – Denali “sister.” Helped originate the myth of the succubus with her sisters. 

•    Carmen – Originally from Spain, now a member of the Denali coven. First to accept Renesmee.

•    Eleazar – Carmen’s partner, once a member of the Volturi guard. Has the ability to sense the powers of others.

Vampires – The Volturi

•    Aro – Leader of the vampire royalty known as the Volturi. Has the ability to see everything that has ever happened to a person and read their minds simply by touching them. Wife: Sulpicia.

•    Caius – A Volturi leader and enforcer of their laws. Wife: Athenodora.

•    Marcus – A Volturi leader, able to sense the strength of relationships between people. Wife: Didyme (deceased at the hands – or bite – of her brother Aro).

•    Jane – Volturi Guard member, Alec’s twin sister. Has the ability to create the illusion of pain with a smile.

•    Alec – Volturi Guard member, Jane’s twin brother, a teenage vampire with the ability to cut off peoples senses so they feel nothing at all.

•    Demetri – Member of the Volturi Guard, a master tracker of anyone.

•    Gianna – The Volturi receptionist (and still human) who hopes to be granted a vampire future herself one day.

Other members of the Volturi Guard: Felix, Chelsea, Afton, Heidi, Jane, Renata, Santiago, Corin.

Other Vampires

In Breaking Dawn, vampires from the world over come to Forks to help bear witness for the Cullens against the Volturi. They include a motley but determined crew: Garrett, Vladimir, Stefan, Mary, Peter, Charlotte, Randall, Alistair, Charles, Makenna, Kachiri, Senna, Zafrina, Maggie, Siobhan, Liam, Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, Tia and Huilen.

The Werewolves

•    Jacob – Main character. Bella’s best friend in New Moon and Edward’s rival in Eclipse for Bella’s love. Imprints on Renesmee. Though he is the Alpha and rightful leader of the La Push pack, he eventually splits off and forms his own wolf pack.

•    Sam – Leader of the La Push wolf pack as the first human to have phased. Engaged to Emily and tracks down Bella in the woods where she is despondent after Edward leaves her in New Moon.

•    Paul – A wolf with a bad temper and a constant annoyance to Jacob.

•    Jared – A quiet thoughtful wolf, one of the first to phase after Sam.

•    Quil – One of Jacob’s best friends. Unlike the other young Quileute men, he couldn’t wait to phase and become a wolf.

•    Embry – One of Jacob’s best friends. Known as the quiet and reserved wolf.

•    Leah – The only female member of the wolf pack. Used to be Sam’s partner until Sam imprinted on her cousin Emily.

•    Seth – Leah’s younger brother. Excitable, loyal and has a good relationship with Edward and the Cullens.

The Human Quileutes

•    Billy – Jacob’s father, he is paralyzed from the waist down. Passes on the legends of the Quileute tribe, hangs out a lot with Charlie watching sports and fishing.

•    Harry – Father of Seth and Leah. Charlie’s best friend. Dies in New Moon which eventually leads to his children becoming werewolves.

•    Sue – Mother of Seth and Leah, Harry’s wife, takes Harry’s place in the Quileute Elders after her husband dies.

•    Emily – Werewolf Sam Uley’s fiancée and cousin of Leah. Has a severely scarred face because Sam once lost control as a werewolf in her presence.

•    Claire – Emily’s niece, who is only two when Quil imprints on her.

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