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Unique Baby Girl Names of 2011

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Baby girl names that once sounded unique, such as Addison or Harper, have suddenly become popular and are climbing the popular baby name lists. If you are looking for a new or modern unique name that will stand out in a crowd (or at least in the pediatricians office!), check out our list of unique baby girl names of 2011.

Baby girl with pink bowUnique girl names of 2011 are a cool mix of vintage names that sound new again to exotic names with serious style. The meanings of names are also important to today’s parents

X and Z Baby Girl Names

Girl names that contain the letters x or z tend to be unique and surprisingly easy to pronounce and spell. The cool names would make a great choice for your baby girl.


For more ideas, check out our advanced baby name search and narrow down names by letter.

Vintage Baby Girl Names

Old fashioned or vintage baby girl names now sound modern and fresh. If you want a unique girls name that is not too far “out there,” these classic names may be just what you are looking for:


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Exotic Girl Names

Why not search for names that pay tribute to your culture? You will find many unique names that are of Irish, Spanish, French or Italian origin. You can use our advanced baby name search to look for baby girl names by origin, but here are some of our favorites.

Irish girl names have a beautiful and melodic sound to them. Some of our favorites include Teagan, Keira and Aislin. Spanish names also have many beautiful girl names, including Ines, Vida and Valentina. French girl names are romantic, such as Gabrielle, Gisele, Anastasie, Christelle and Elise.

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Girl Names Outside of the Box

Another tip for finding a unique girl name is by choosing names not traditionally thought of as baby names. Celebrities started this trend, with Gwyneth Paltrow naming her daughter Apple,  Soleil Moon Frye’s daughter Poet and Top Chef’s Brian Malarkey’s daughter Sailor. Whether it is a name after a characteristic you hope your daughter will attain (Honor, Shine, Dream) or a location (London, India, Venice or Florence) let your creativity flow!

Here are more baby girl names outside of the box

  • Season
  • Liberty
  • Seraphina
  • Tulip
  • Poppy


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written by Keturah, May 17, 2011
these are some good
written by Haley, July 09, 2011
I love India(like ashley's sister from Gone With the Wind) and I like Emerson(though it's not as unique as I like names to be) and I really love Poet

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