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Unique Short Girl Names

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Are you seeking a fun -- yet uncommon -- name for your little girl? Are you more attracted to names like Gia and Mara than names like Mia and Ava? We've collected the best and most unique girl names that are on the shorter side. Read on to check them out!

girl wearing tutuMany shorter names that are currently popular for girls are often nicknames or shorter versions of a longer, more elaborate name. For example, Kate is a popular nickname for the name Katherine and is often bestowed as an independent given name. There are, however, plenty of shorter popular names that are simply short, such as Chloe, Ella, Lily and Zoe. These names were all in the top 60 names for 2008 according to the Social Security Administration.

The names we've chosen here (most of them!) are also short in and of themselves. All of the names we have listed here are one or two syllables and they are all four letters or less (with the exception of one). These have a different sound to them than their more popular counterparts. They sound a little exotic! They are neat, precise names that will be etched in the memory of everyone who meets your daughter because of their uniqueness and brevity.

If you are looking for a unique, shorter name for your daughter you probably have the desire to avoid current trends and want to ensure your daughter is the one and only girl in her class with her particular name. Shorter names are easier for your child to learn to spell and write as she grows and will be easy to remember for her classmates and teachers. Shorter names are also fun and playful and will transform right along with your daughter as she grows to adulthood.

Bao: A Chinese name, this means "precious treasure."

Bina: This means "knowledge" and has Hebrew roots.

Cai: Meaning "feminine," this name has Vietnamese origins.

Dita: Of Spanish and Old English origins, this name means "strife for wealth."

Eira: This Welsh name means "snow."

Gia: Meaning "God's grace," this name is a short form of the name Gianna.

Isha: This name means "woman" and is of Hebrew origins.

Juno: A Latin name, this means "queen of heaven." Comes directly from Roman mythology.

Kiri: This Cambodian name means "mountain."

Lark: This nature name (alluding to a songbird) is of Middle English origin.

Lyra: A Greek name, this means "lyre."

Mara: This Hebrew name means "bitter."

Myla: A feminine form of the boy name Myles, this means "merciful" and is of English origin.

Neka: A Native American name, this means "wild goose."

Oma: This name means "leader" and has Arabic roots.

Pia: Meaning "reverent, pious," this name has Latin roots.

Risa: This name is of Latin origin and means "laughter."

Rue: Of English origin, this name means "regret."

Sidra: This name means "of the stars" and comes from Latin.

Tora: A Japanese name, this means "tiger."

Una: This name means "one" and is of Latin origin.

Vina: This name means "vineyard" and has Spanish roots.

Xeni: This name is of Guatemalan origin and means "protector of plants and flowers."

Zola: Of Italian origin, this name means "lump of earth."

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