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Weird Spellings - What will they come up with next?

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Graciela, Xiomara, Noelia… American names are getting weirder by the minute.   Parents are setting loose all of their creative power to topple even the oddest and most outrageous names to come up with a creation that is all their own.

What better way to celebrate the freedom of the American spirit than to give a most precious little person a name that is the loving creation of its parents?  The American Social Security Administration has just released the latest name trends for babies born in the last year.  Here is a summary of what baby names are brewing in parents' minds these days.

From the Creative Mind, With Love

There may come a day when Michael and James will sound weird.  Until that day comes, parents are putting their hearts into giving their beloved little people names that are all their own.  Why settle for the common when there is a world of possibilities out there?  Here are a few of the names that have been lovingly custom-made for some of America's newest little citizens.

Baby Boys – Keven, Nestor, Elvin, Antwan, Omarion, and Nikhil
Baby Girls – Leia, Kenia, Abagail, Briley, Noelia, Graciela, and Xiomara

Honorable Mentions

Let us take a moment to pay tribute to the names that have made headlines this past year.

has been one of the most talked about baby names recently.  Where was the name only a few years back?  The answer is that it was virtually unheard of.  Adoration of the name is escalating, with the name climbing up from 43rd to 31st place over a few months.

Ethan is on its way to claim first place, positioning itself into the third spot in the last year.  The name is currently the number one boy's name in British Columbia, Canada, and the trend is crossing the border and may hit the top next year.

deserves an honorable mention.  It is likely that the name will claim first place next year.  Celebrity parents who have recently used the name include Matt Damon and Tom Cruise.

A Hollywood Influence

Needless to say, when the stars name their babies, parents across the country pick up on the trend.   Here is a list of the latest celebrity choices and how they have influenced the name's popularity in the last year:
Gwen Stephanie named her baby Kingston in 2006.  Kingston goes from number 942 to number 355 in one year.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their baby Shiloh in 2006. Shiloh goes from not even being a part of the top 1000 baby names list to the 804th place in 2007. 

Jack White and Karen Elson have named their baby Scarlett back in 2006.  The name struck a chord, and jumps from being number 297 in '06 to being number 219 in '07.

Britney Spears named her son Jayden in 2006, when the name was in the 203rd spot.  By 2007, the name goes up to the 172nd place.

Stella McCartney named her baby Bailey.  The next year Bailey goes from being number 112 to being in the 83rd spot.

To view the complete list of the most popular baby names today, visit: Social Security Popular Baby Names for 2007

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Another new name!
written by orla, July 20, 2008
My baby girl has a name that I made myself! It's Leasea pronounced lea-c.The meaning is sea meadow. I just love her and her name.
my childrens names
written by anna, July 20, 2008
i have 7 children almost 8 my kids names are

1-Mariah ray(girl)
2-Rylie kate(girl)
3-Dawson reid (boy)
4-Payton lee (girl)
5-Taylor alex (boy)
6-Tyler arron (boy)
7-Matthew kyle (boy)
8- if we have a girl boy name will be:
Harper (girl) Kingston (boy
Graciela, Noelia and Xiomara, weird names?
written by lrvives, July 24, 2008
Graciela, Noelia and Xiomara are not weird names. They're actually very common and very ancient names in SPANISH. Graciela means full of grace, Xiomara means ready for battle and Noelia (used frequently in Italian and Spanish) is a derivative of Noel (male version), which means Christmas.

Not so strange. Neither one.
written by Glow, October 04, 2008
Mine will beat it!! GETZAEL!! Get-Cell!! and that's my husbands name which will be passed on if we are ever blessed with a baby boy!!

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