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Why choose same letter sibset names?

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When looking for a baby name for your second, third or even your tenth child, finding a name that is harmonious with your first child's name is easy when you give him or her a name that starts with the same letter as a sibling. Also known as same letter sibset names, this popular baby name trend has grown in the light of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, as well as the 19 Duggar kids all sharing the letter J. Ready to jump on the baby name bandwagon and choose same letter sibset names? Here's a few ideas on how.

Naming after mom or dad
Expectant parents are taking a twist on the Junior angle, looking to their own names for inspiration when choosing a first letter for sibling names that start with the same letter.

"I'm a twin...I have a twin sister named Denice. My mom's middle name is Denice, and my Dad's middle name just happens to be Dawon," shares Dawon Bahtuoh, Maple Grove, Minnesota.

"I chose T for both of my boys' names because their father's name starts with a T as well," says Candi Wingate, Norfolk, Nebraska. 

"Their father and I had first names beginning with A and different middle name initials. We continued with that for all three children," replies Anne Louise Grimm, Raymond, Washington.

"My uncle John named his six kids with names starting with J: John Dean, Jerry, Jimmy, Judy, Joe, and Jill. I always wondered if their mother, Helen, felt left out," expresses Betsy Riley, Damascus Maryland.

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Chose your favorite initials
Taking stock of your baby-to-be's initials is vital, regardless of where you get your baby name inspiration from. But, for some moms and dads, the inspiration comes from the monograms themselves.

"My two daughters both have the initials L.A.W. If by any chance they happened to grow up and be a lawyer, I knew their initials on a briefcase would fit the part," reveals Cathy Wiese, Milford, Ohio. "One grew up to be a teacher and the other works in public relations."

Follow the leader
Even if you don't plan on giving your kids baby names that start with the same letter, the appeal may hit you once baby number two makes his or her way into your family.

"Our first daughter was named Madeleine after my husbands' maternal grandfather. When baby #2 was coming along, we had the possibility of using M again for my husbands' paternal grandmother and we thought 2 M's would be cute and now they are our M&M's," shares Jaimie L. Adler-Palter, Lexington, Massachusetts.

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How did you choose your same letter sibset name for your babies?

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