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Pros and cons of choosing a popular baby name

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Choosing a baby name is one of the first important decisions you'll make for your newborn. But, when it comes to choosing a common baby name, like Aidan and Sophia, will it be the right decision? From leaving less room for mispronunciation to baby names that go away with baby name trends, weigh the pros and cons of choosing a popular baby name before signing on the dotted line.

Why you should choose a popular baby name

  • A common baby name is more familiar, leaving less room for mispronunciation and misspelling, like Liam or Charlotte as opposed to Declan or Adelaide.
  • Popular baby names are more accepted, such as Noah and Ava.
  • You'll be less likely to regret giving your bun in the oven a name you love, whether common or not.
  • It might be easier for people to remember a common name, like Ethan and Olivia.
  • With familiar names, your child will be less likely to have to repeat himself when asked for his moniker, like Mason.
  • Popular baby names will "fit" with your child's generation, such as Lily.
  • Your child will "fit in" with the crowd when given a popular name, like Logan and Isabella.

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Why you shouldn't choose a popular baby name

  • Your kiddo will likely share his moniker with other kids in his class, , such as Jackson and Addison.
  • Your child will be known by his first and last name or initial in order to distinguish children from one another, such as Oliver B.
  • Popular baby names are often fueled by trends, and trends come and go.
  • Going with the flow can be considered boring, such as Jacob or Chloe.
  • Choosing a unique baby name or less common baby name can give your youngster individuality instead of blending in with a playground full of common names.

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Still love common names and popular names but struggling with the desire for your child to stand out from the crowd? Choosing a name that is similar to popular names can have the same appeal while separating itself from all the other Michaels and Ellas of the same generation. Or, choose a name with the same roots as the common baby names you love, like an Irish baby name or a bibilical baby name for a moniker that's similar. This is a name your child will have for the rest of his life, so take your time, weigh the pros and cons of choosing a common baby name, and listen to your heart -- the decision is ultimately up to you!

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written by Noelle, May 28, 2011
I like common names but not too common, i'm thinking Adrianna for my little one

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