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Most Popular Hebrew Baby Names

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Are you wanting to pay homage to your Jewish ethnicity by naming your baby a Hebrew name? Or maybe want a Jewish baby name that pays tribute to your religion? Here are the hottest, most popular Hebrew baby names for baby boys and girls.

Hebrew boys names are very popular, according to data from the Social Security Administration. In 2007, six of the 10 hottest boys names were of Hebrew origins. For girls, the popularity is less dramatic. Only four of the top 10 names were Hebrew. In digging through the list, many of the hottest Hebrew girls names are closer to 50 than number one.

No matter though, if you are looking for the right Hebrew name to honor your Jewish heritage, these names will be perfect. You will find that the meanings of the baby names come straight from the Hebrew Bible. We've noted both what it means and what it relates to in the Hebrew Bible. Keep this list handy so that you can adorn your little one with the right name before your little boy's Brit Milah or, for a girl, the first Scripture reading after her birth.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Hebrew boys and Hebrew girls names:

Top Hebrew Boy Names

1. Jacob
Meaning: The name Jacob means supplanter. Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebecca.
2. Michael
Meaning: The name Michael means 'Who is like God?' Michael was an archangel who is considered to be a commander in the Army of God.
3. Ethan
Meaning: The name Ethan means strong and optimistic. In the Hebrew Bible, Ethan was an Ezrahite.
4. Joshua
Meaning: The name Joshua means God is salvation. Joshua, one of the 12 spies of Moses, led the Israelites into the promised land.
5. Daniel
Meaning: The name Daniel means God is my judge. Daniel was a prophet and son of Judah.
6. Matthew
Meaning: The name Matthew means gift of God. Matthew was a Galilean Jew. The Book of Matthew, from the Christian Bible, is often studied by Jewish scholars for its similarities to the Jewish faith.
7. David
Meaning: The name David means beloved. David was the second king of the Kingdom of Israel.
8. Joseph
Meaning: The name Joseph means God will increase. Joseph, son of Jacob, is best known for his dreamcoat and his ability to interpret dreams.
9. Noah
Meaning: The name Noah means rest or peace. Noah led animals, two by two, to safety during the great flood.
10. James
Meaning: The name James means supplanter. James was a leader of believers in Judaism in Jerusalem.


Top Hebrew Girls Names

Meaning: The name Isabella means God is my oath. Isabella is a translation of the name of John the Baptist's mother.
2. Abigail
Meaning: The name Abigail means joy of the father. Abigail was somehow related to David, either by kinship or marriage.
3. Hannah
Meaning: The name Hannah means grace. Hannah was the mother of Samuel.
4. Elizabeth
Meaning: The name Elizabeth means God is my oath. Elizabeth is an angelicanized version of Elisheva, who was the wife of Aaron and sister-in-law of Moses.
5. Sarah
Meaning: The name Sarah means princess. Sarah was the wife of Abraham.
6. Anna
Meaning: The name Anna means gracious or merciful. Anna was a Jewish prophet.
7. Gabriella
Meaning: The name Gabriella means God is my might. Gabriella is a variation of the angel Gabriel's name.
8. Jessica
Meaning: The name Jessica means God beholds. Jessica is believed to be an anglicized version of Isca from the Hebrew Bible. It comes from Shakepeare's The Merchant of Venice.
9. Rachel
Meaning: The name Rachel means ewe. Rachel was Jacob's second wife, and mother of Joseph and Benjamin.
10. Leah
Meaning: The name Leah means weary. Leah was the first wife of Jacob and Rachel's younger sister.

Still looking for Hebrew or Jewish baby names?If you didn't fall in love with the right name for your baby here, there are many other resources to track down the right name that honors your Jewish heritage.

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written by Alyssa, January 24, 2009
My middle name is Shayne and my mom found that it means "Beautiful" in Hebrew. But I can't find it on here.

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