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Baby Names and Astrology: Names by Zodiac Signs

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Many parents are looking at astrology or zodiac signs to help find the perfect baby name for their girl or boy. Check out our list of the Zodiac signs with their associated traits and baby names that go along with each astrological sign. Let us help you find a unique girl name or boy name in the stars!

Zodiac signsBaby Names by Zodiac Sign

You can determine what zodiac sign your child will be based on the due date. Zodiac signs are associated with a specific planet, symbol and element and include specific personality traits and indicate where the sun was located at a specific time. For example, if you’re due date is Jan 15 then you’re baby’s zodiac sign would be Aquarius “the water carrier” whose planet is Uranus, element is air, and characteristics include strengths like a giving spirit, creativity, and idealistic.

In choosing a baby name based off of this zodiac sign you may consider searching for creative names that have unique spellings.

You may also search for a specific meaning associated with the sign like “giving” or ‘water.”  Our search for a baby name meaning water came up with: Dax, Mouna, Brooklyn, and Cain, among others. Check out our Advanced Baby Name Search to help your search for baby names by meaning.

Zodiac Chart and Name Ideas

Aquarius:  Jan.20-Feb. 19 (the water carrier)

Element - Air

Traits- honest, loyal, friendly,

Baby name ideas – Alessia (honest) Waren (loyal)

Pisces, Feb.20-March 20, (the fishes)

Element - Water

Traits – Sensitive, imaginative, kind

Baby Name Ideas  – Agata and Benen – both meaning kind.


Aries, March 21-April 20 (the ram)

Element - Fire

Traits – Energetic, courageous, adventurous

Baby Name Ideas – Cort (courageous) Chi (energy)

Taurus, April 21-May 21 (the bull)

Element - Earth

Traits – Patient, reliable, loving

Baby Name Ideas – Avani (earth) Paciencia and Job (patient)


Gemini, May 22-June 21, (the twins)

Element- Air

Traits – intellectual, youthful, adaptable

Baby Name Ideas – Kijana, Ewan and Julian – all meaning youth


Cancer, June 22-July 22 (the crab)


Traits – Emotional, loving, protective

Baby Name Ideas – Akiva (protect)


Leo, July 23-Aug. 21 (the lion)

Element- Fire

Traits – Creative, warm hearted, loving

Baby Name Ideas – Leonardo, Kacey, Bryten (all meaning creative)


Virgo, Aug. 22-Spt. 23 (the virgin)

Element - Earth

Traits – shy, intelligent, reliable

Baby Name Ideas – Yanisin (shy) Tierra and Addie (earth)

Libra, Spt. 24-Oct. 23 (the scales)

Element - Air

Traits – Romantic, social easy going

Baby Name Ideas – Georgette (romance)


Scorpio, Oct. 24-Nov. 22 (the scorpion)

Element - Water

Traits – Exciting, powerful

Baby Name Ideas - Remy, Dax, Brooklyn


Sagittarius, Nov. 23-Dec. 22 (the archer)

Element - Fire

Traits – Honest, straightforward, optimistic

Baby Name Ideas - Alison and Alicia (honesty)


Capricorn, Dec. 23-Jan. 20 (the goat)

Element - Earth

Traits – Patient, careful, funny

Baby Name Ideas – Delberty (funny) Gunvar (careful) 

For more baby name ideas, check out Baby Girl Names by Horoscope and Baby Boy Names by Horoscope.


Baby Names by Constellations

Look to the stars for inspiration, specifically the constellations. Examples of this include: Ara for Alter and Orion for hunter. For a complete constellation list visit, check out our list here.

Natal Chart

This shows the positions of the planets in the sky the moment your baby is born. It is said to be more detailed than a horoscope. People look to natal charts to learn more about characteristics and personalities. Using information from a natal chart may give you more inspiration when it comes to choosing your astrological baby name.

Astrological Names by Origin

Baby names inspired by astrology may also be defined by origin. For example, mythological baby inspired by gods are Greek and Roman in origin. These names may include: Alima, Athene, Kali, and Leo to name a few. Check out our Advanced Baby Name Search to search for names by origin.

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written by MontanaMom, August 14, 2010
This is fun! I like the idea of using my baby's zodiac sign to name him! Who knew I could find a unique baby name through astrology?

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