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Kabbalah Baby Names - The New Spiritual Trend

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Baby names according to the Kabbalah are a new popular trend, with celebrities like Madonna, Tom Cruise, and others naming their babies according to the Kabbalah. A thin red string worn around many people’s wrists indicates a growing popularity in the Kabbalah movement. Baby names according to the Kabbalah are a new popular trend, with celebrities like Madonna, Tom Cruise, and others. The Kabbalah movement, the mystic and holistic branch of Judaism, has swept many celebrities into studying this ancient spiritual wisdom. Naming babies according to this teaching has become popular because it gives the name a spiritual meaning, which a lot of people seek after child birth.

The Kabbalah is not exclusive to the Jewish faith, dealing as it does with spiritually, not religion. And what is more spiritual than choosing a name for one’s child? As it is written: “A good name is better than a good ointment” (Ecclesiastes 7:1) According to the Kabbalah, each letter in the Jewish alphabet has a numeric power. Each letter possesses a unique and private power that does not exist in any other letter. The Kabbalah also emphasizes the connection of the letters in one’s name. Adding or subtracting a letter, it is said, may go so far as to change a person’s destiny. According to Rabbi Isaac Luria, the main figure in Kabbalist interpretation, a baby is born with a name. It is the parent’s task to discover it. Due to this fact one should never name his child before birth. Naming a baby after a relative or a person who was objectionable or had a hard life is also not recommended.

For many people naming their children after significant individuals from the Bible is considered a good choice because those names are holy, are connected to the divine light of G-D and are timeless (David, Saul, Isaac, Rebecca etc.). Another way to influence your baby’s destiny and character is to use Kabbalist numerology.  The Kabbalist numerological system consists of nine numbers (1-9). When naming your baby, add up the letters in his or her name. For example, the numeric value of the Hebrew letters of the name David is 5. This would indicate that the person bearing this name has a character which is split between the spiritual and the worldly. This is due to the belief of some Kabbalist mystics than the number 1 represents G-D (characterized by ambition, individuality, impulsiveness) and 4 represents matter (characterized by discipline, conservatism, devotion) Both of these characteristics are represented in the personality of the person named David. According to this system every number contains different qualities:

The number 3 represents optimism and independence (Robert as written in Hebrew). The number 7 represents qualities of creativity, perfectionism (Ben, Jessica, as written in Hebrew). The number 6 represents harmony, aesthetics (Ann, Solomon) etc.

Choosing your baby’s name according to the Kabbalah equates choosing a path for him. Each name has its own destiny, its values and flaws. But above all choosing a name is about intent. By choosing a particular name, a parent provides an option for the child to lead a life which fulfills the destiny of his name and become a moral and just human being and binds him to an inner spiritual thread which connects us all. 

Examples of Kabbalah names:  
Boy names - Ethan (Hebrew meaning: Strength), David, Saul, Isaiah, Zachary (Hebrew meaning: God remembered), Nathan (Hebrew Meaning: to give), Samuel (Hebrew meaning: listen to god), Judah, Jeremiah, Ben (Hebrew meaning: boy or son), Aaron, Ephram, Gabriel (Hebrew Meaning: God’s Strength), Michael, Raphael (Hebrew meaning: God has healed)  

Girl names –
Rachel, Miriam, Hanna, Suri (Hebrew meaning: princes), Alma (Hebrew meaning: Young girl or world), Rebecca, Lea, Sara, Abigail (Rejoice of the father), Aliah (Hebrew Meaning: Ascend)

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name examples
written by michael12, November 15, 2007
Could you please provide name examples for Kabbalah names ?
Americans Changing?
written by Austin, December 13, 2007
Why should we change our names to using yours just because they are different? We stick together in this country not stand out, so why teach our kids that? It doesnt make any get some commen sense.
written by ari, December 21, 2007
Kabbalah is not distinct from the Jewish religion. Whatever these Hollywood freaks are embracing has nothing to do with Kabbalah. In the Jewish tradition, you used to have to be 40, married and observant to start learning the stuff, and you had to learn from a certain kind of teacher in very small groups. This whole nonsense with the red string, Madonna and pay-to-sit seminars is nothing but a sad and degrading moneymaking scheme.

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