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Mayan Baby Names

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Doomsday. The apocalypse. The end of time. According to modern interpretations of the Mayan Long Count calendar, December 21, 2012 is the end of humanity.

On this date, the Mayan god returns, the sun shifts and violent earthquakes reset the calendar to zero. The Mayan civilization reached its peak from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D. and contributed significantly to our understanding of astronomy and mathematics.

Many, however, view Mayan predictions differently and see 2012 as a year of hope. If you are one of those hopefuls – and expecting a wonderful bundle of joy to mark this all-important year – why not consider a Mayan baby name (or one of our suggested alternatives) as a tribute?


Baby names inspired by mythology and more

For boys: Mayan gods

  • Acan – god of wine: Alan (English), Awan (Native American), Jacan
  • Ah Ciliz – god of solar eclipses: Colis (English), Celio (Portuguese), Silas (English)
  • Ah Mun – god of maize: Mundy (Irish), Mungo (Celtic), Munro (Scottish)
  • Ah Tabai – god of the hunt: Taber (Irish), Tabor (Hebrew)
  • Ahau Chamahez – god of medicine, good health: Ahia (Hebrew), Chuma (African)
  • Alom – god of sky: Adom (African), Alon (Hebrew), Alo (Native American)
  • Balam – jaguar god of protection: Balamy (English), Aalam (Indian), Baram (Hebrew)
  • Bitol – god of sky: Abitol (Hebrew), Birtel (English), Bitor (Basque)
  • Cacoch – god of creation: Chanoch (Hebrew), Coch (Welsh)
  • Hun Batz – patron of the arts: Hunfried (German), Bat (Hebrew)
  • Itzamna – founder of Maya culture: Itzaina (Basque)
  • Kawil – god of power: Kalil (African-American), Anwil (Welsh)
  • Tepeu – god of sky and creation: Teppo (Hebrew)
  • Tohil – patron god of K’iche’: Rahil (Hebrew), Tohias (Spanish)
  • Votan – legendary ancestral god: Von (German), Dotan (Hebrew), Hotah (Native American)
  • Xaman Ek – god of travelers: Xabat (Spanish), Ximon (Basque)
  • Yum Caax – god of nature, wilderness: Yuma (Native American)

Spiritual baby names: An expression of the soul

For girls: Mayan goddesses

  • Akna – goddess of fertility and childbirth: Ana (Spanish), Akua (African-American)
  • Chimalmat – mother of giants: Chimalis (Native American)
  • Ixchel – jaguar goddess of midwifery, medicine: Rachel (Hebrew), Chelsea (English)
  • Ixtab – goddess of suicide: Tabitha (Hebrew), Tabora (Spanish)
  • Ixazaluoh – goddess of water and weaving: Zahra (African), Zaira (Italian)
  • Xmucane – grandmother of day and light: Xena (Greek), Xandra (English)
  • Xpiayoc – goddess of matchmaking: Pia (Italian), Yocheved (Hebrew)

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Would you ever consider a Mayan-inspired name for your baby?

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