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Baby name predictions for 2011

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The baby name trends for 2010 put an emphasis on names ending in "a" for girls, names ending in "n" for boys, same letter sibling names, and more. So, what will 2011 mean for baby names? While some baby name trends will hold true, other trends made way for new ways to label your little one. Here are our baby name predictions for 2011:

Classic names for girls and boys
The classic baby names trend, also known as traditional baby names, gained popularity in 2010, especially for girls. In 2011, expect nurseries across the globe to be filled with babies donned with classic names for boys and girls alike, including Sophia, Emma, Zachary, and Anthony.

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Formal names
During the last couple of years, parents were opting for the shorter versions of baby names, like Bella and Jake, instead of the labels in their original forms. This year, baby names are taking the long route, with names like Alexander instead of Alex, Jonathan instead of John, Abigail instead of Abbey, and Liliana instead of Lilly.

Love the formal baby name for the birth certificate but want to give your baby a nickname? Brush up on popular nicknames for traditional names and find the one that fits your special delivery.

Biblical names for boys
Names from the bible are king in 2011, especially when it come to boys. Monikers making an impression will include Asher, Caleb, Noah, and Elijah; and watch for the biblical name Eli to make a huge leap up the popular baby name charts this year. Although biblical names for girls, like Jessica, Sarah, and Leah will have their fair share of namesakes, this trend is most apparent in the boys' corner.

More biblical boy names and meanings are at your fingertips.

American names
Baby name trends of past took flight to lands afar, including Ireland and Italy. But, this year, don't be surprised to see an increase in the number of names that originated right here in America. The top baby name searched on was Kayla, a name as American as apple pie. Other American baby names to be on the lookout for include Jayden and Braden for little boys in blue, and Makayla and Lauren for baby girls in pink.

Check out popular American baby names before you decide.

Names that start with the letters A, J, L, M, and S
Perhaps it is the same letter sibling name trend that has maintained popularity, but more than ever, in 2011, parents are focusing on the first letter of the baby names they choose.

Some of the baby name chart toppers you'll likely see over the next 12 calendar months may include names that start with the letter A: Aidan, Ava, Aaron, and Amelie; names that start with the letter J: Jacob, Jessica, Joseph, and Jordan; names that start with the letter L: Laila, Landon, Lola, and Logan; names that start with the letter M: Madeline, Micah, Madison, and Michael; and, names that start with the letter S: Samantha, Samuel, Savannah, and Sean.

Discover more baby names that start with the letters A, J, L, M, and S.

Baby names inspired by television and movies
Baby names inspired by Twilight characters are on the downtrend for 2011, but, this year plenty of influence will continue to come from the media. Fans of the hottest new television shows like Glee and Modern Family and Disney's remake of Tron will have monikers such as Quinn, Haley, and Alex for girls, and Finn, Cameron, Luke, and Jarvis for boys.

Would you love to name your baby after your favorite character? Here are some unusual baby names form classic novels to think about.

What baby name trend are you hoping will gain popularity in 2011?

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