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Brazilian Baby Names and Meanings

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You don’t have to look far to find beautiful Brazilian baby names. Supermodels Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrossio, Adriana Lima and Aline Nakashima all hail from Brazil. The father of the Walkman, Andreas Pavel is also from Brazil. The word “Brazil” itself has become a trendy baby name – for girls and boys alike. Here is a look of some of the more traditional names that remain popular in Brazil.

Brazil is a beautiful South American multi-ethnic country bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Take a look at our pick of the top Brazilian Baby Names.

Brazilian Baby Girl Names

Adriana – Latin, from Hadria
Alessandra – Greek, defending men
Aline – French, noble
Ana – Hebrew/Latin, grace
Arsenia – Portuguese, feminine form of Arsenio, meaning virile
Brazil – Spanish, type of wood
Camila – Latin, unknown
Carmen – Hebrew, orchard
Cecilia – Portuguese, blind
Christiano – Latin, follower of Christ (var: Christiana, Christiane)
Elizabete – Portuguese, my God is a vow
Fortunata – Portuguese, fortunate
Gabriela – Hebrew, force of God (var: Gabrieli)
Giovanna – Hebrew, God is merciful
Gisele – German, hostage
Iara – Brazilian, water lady
Julia – Latin, descendant of Jupiter
Leticia – Portuguese, joy
Luan – Latin, moon
Mandalena – Portuguese, from Magdala
Manuela – Portuguese, God is with us (var: Manuelita)
Maria – Hebrew, bitter
Mariana – Latin, bitter
Pabiola – Portuguese, small
Sancha – Portuguese, unknown
Yaritza – Brazilian, water lady (var: Yara, Yarah)

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Brazilian Baby Boy Names

Alexio – Portuguese, defender (var: Alexo)
Andreas – Greek, warrior
Brazil – Irish, war (var: Brasil)
Bruno – Germanic, shining armor
Carlos – Portuguese, free man
Daniel – Hebrew, God is my judge
Davi – Brazilian, beloved
Felipe – Greek, friend of the horses
Francisco – Latin, free man
Gabriel – Hebrew, God is my might
Gustavo – German, stave of the goths
Guilherme – Portuguese, desire
Joao – Hebrew, God is merciful
Julio – Latin, descending of Jupiter
Lucas – Greek, man from Lucania
Luiz – Germanic, fame and war (var: Luis)
Manuel – Portuguese, God is with us (var: Manel, Manolo)
Matthaeus – Hebrew, of God (var: Matheus)
Miguel – Hebrew, God is incomparable
Nicolas – Greek, victory of the people
Pedro – Greek, stone (var: Peter)
Rafael – Hebrew, God has healed
Samuel – Hebrew, the one to whom God heard
Thiago – Brazilian, Saint James
Victor – Latin, victor
Vinicius – Latin, cultivator of grapes

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written by Kim Grundy, July 07, 2009
Great unique baby name ideas! Love Giselle for a girl and Brazil for a boy!

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