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European Baby Names and Meanings

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We’ve collected the best of the best, the finest of the fine, the European baby names that will spark your creativity as you work to settle on the most fitting name for your baby. What better way to celebrate a new life than by following in the footsteps of another culture, particularly if that culture is part of your heritage? From Spanish to French, check out our list of European baby names for your boy or girl.


Baby and momSpanish Baby Names

From Spanish trends to mainstream variations of names to listings of Latin celebs, Spanish names are both exotic and romantic. Selecting a name from this grouping will ensure that your child has some flair and spice, whether you go for the simple Cruz or the unexpected Bartholomew, the gentle Anna or colorful Zarita.

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Hungarian Baby Names

The Finno-Ugric language of Hungary makes the English versions of names look downright boring. Dig into the special spellings of these Hungarian-inspired names, and get a taste of the Hungarian people who have made a name for themselves in their culture. There may be a Balazs or Zsazsa in your future.

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Romanian Baby Names

From Adela to Viorica, Alexandru to Vasile, the variety of historic inspiration for Romanian baby names have turned them into modern-day stand-outs. Find out what names are popular in Romania today – perhaps one of the monikers from the kingdom formerly known as Dacia will be right for your baby.

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Czech and Slovak Baby Names

The Slavic language lends itself to alluring and striking baby names, the likes of which run the gamut from Alois to Vit, Alžběta to Žofie. Read on to learn the common elements that typically make up Czech and Slovak names, and to get some ideas about appropriate nicknames if a full name is too much of a mouthful.

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Portuguese Baby Names

The beautiful rhythm of the Portuguese language lends itself to the baby names that are common in this culture. Often influenced by Roman Catholicism, popular Portuguese names can range from João to Maria, Adão to Genoveva.

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Danish Baby Names

If you’re enamored by the rich history of the Nordic countries, consider pulling your baby’s name from the Danish culture. Many of the popular, modern, Danish and Scandinavian baby names have their origins in the Old Norse – we’re talking Vikings – or Old German traditions. Whether you’re attached to Eric or Ingo, Astrid or Saskia, the names in this article will inspire you.

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Dutch Baby Names

The Netherlands are known for tulips and windmills and their liberal city of Amsterdam. The baby naming traditions of the Dutch are just as enticing as the culture in that small country. You’ll find distinctly Dutch monikers in this article, as well as a collection of other sources of baby naming inspiration from the Netherlands. If you want to stray from the norm, Dutch baby names should be your weapon of choice.

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German Baby Names

The German language is a guttural and sometimes rough-sounding one, but from it you are still certain to find alluring and unmatched names for your baby. Whether you’re having a boy (Felix or Maximilian) or a girl (Hanna or Leonie), this article provides names steeped with significance and history. Read about the popular German baby names of modern times as well as the names of famous Germans.

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French Baby Names

Whether you’re having a little mademoiselle or monsieur, French baby names can provide the taste of glamour you want for your baby. Add a hyphen for a unique double name, such as Jean-Luc or Amelie-Elisabeth, or use the French translation of a common English name – either way, your child will have a hum-dinger of an unforgettable name. If you love names like Dominique, Isabella or Therese, read on for read on for some magnifique examples!

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