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Exotic Baby Names and Meanings

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Emily and Ethan continue to be immensely popular baby names here in the US, but many parents-to-be are looking for names from other foreign cultures. Our list of exotic baby names from around the world is sure to inspire you.

Exotic baby namesAustralia Baby Names

Mia – This name for a baby girl is of Latin origin and means “mine.”

Sienna – Sienna is a girl’s name that is growing popularity, but it’s origin and meaning are unknown.

Cooper – A boy’s name meaning “barrel maker,” Cooper is of English origin.

Lachlan – This boy’s name is of Scottish origin. Lachlan means “from the land of lakes.”

Brazil Baby Names

Beatriz – Beatriz is a name of Spanish origin for a girl. It means “brings happiness, brings joy.”

Yasmin – This baby girl’s name is of Arabic origin and means “jasmine flower.”

Leonardo – A boy’s name of Spanish origin, Leonard means “lion bold.”

Pedro – This baby boy’s name is a form of Peter. Pedro is of Spanish origin and means “a rock.”

France Baby Names

Manon – This French girl’s name is a variation of Marie or Mary, which means “bitter.”

Ines – Although it’s a top 10 name in France, this girl’s name is of Spanish origin. A variation of Agnes, Ines means “meek, chaste.”

Enzo – Like Ines, Enzo is a Spanish name that is hugely popular in France. This boy’s name is a variant of Henry and means “rules his household.”

Hugo – Also popular in France, this boy’s name of German origin and is a variant of Hugh. Hugo means “a thinker.”

Israel Baby Names

Eden – Eden, of Hebrew origin, is a baby girl’s name meaning “perfect, pleasure.”

Shira – This is a name for a baby girl. Shira is of Hebrew origin and means “tune.”

Uri – A baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin, Uri means “God is my light.”

Yosef – Also of Hebrew origin, Yosef is a male Hebrew name meaning “God will increase.”

Italy Baby Names

Guila – The girl’s name Guila is derived from Guilaine, a German name meaning “pleasant oath.”

Chiara – This baby girl’s name is of Irish origin and means “dark.”

Paolo – This Italian boy’s name is a form of Paul and means “small.”

Lorenzo – The name Lorenzo is a baby boy name of Spanish origin. The English form of Lorenzo is Laurence; the American preference is Lawrence.

Morocco Baby Names

Fatima – Of Arabic origin, Fatima is a baby girl’s name meaning “captivating.”

Nadia – Meaning “hope,” Nadia is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin.

Ahmed – Ahmed is an Arabic name for a baby boy and means “much praised.”

Hassan – This male name is of Arabic origin and means “handsome.”

Philippines  Baby Names

Angelica – A Latin name for a girl, Angelica means “angelic.”

Mariel – A girl’s name of English origin, Mariel is a diminutive of Marie and means “bitter.”

Adrian – This boy’s name is of English origin and means “from Adria.”

Angelo – Angelo is a Spanish name for a boy meaning “messenger.”

Russia Baby Names

Elina – A variant of Helen, Elina is a girl’s name of Spanish origin and means “shining light.”

Marina – This female Latin name means “from the god Mars.”

Ivan – Ivan is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “gift from God.”

Mikhail – Like Ivan, Mikhail is a Hebrew name for a boy and means “gift from God.”

Spain Baby Names

Irene – This Spanish name for a baby girl means “peace.”

Marta – Marta is a baby girl’s name of Spanish origin. Its meaning is “Martha lady.”

Diego – The boy’s name Diego is of Spanish origin and means “supplanter.”

Pablo – This Spanish boy’s name is a variant of Paul and means “little.”

Sweden Baby Names

Wilma – A girl’s name of German origin, Wilma is a feminine variant of William and translates as “resolute protector.”

Linnea – This baby girl’s name originated in Scandinavia and means “name of a flower.”

Elias – This boy’s name is of Hebrew origin. A variant of Elijah, Elias means “Jehovah is God.”

Emil – A boy’s name, Emil can be traced back to both Germany and England. Both origins mean “derived from Roman clan name which may mean industrious.”

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written by laura, May 27, 2010
we are trying to find a unique name for a baby boy or girl... could someone help me? its so dificult for us, couse im lithuanian, my boyfriend is portugues and we live in ireland... help...
written by Renee, July 25, 2010
I Have Two Kids a Boy & A Girl There Names Are Savige Xavier & Saige Renee Now Im Having a Third Child & I Want Another Unique Name For Him/Her That Starts With an S Also Help!?
written by ANGEL MIDGETTE, August 16, 2010
what do you think about the name cinniah pronounced (se-ni-ah)its a celtic name and it means beauty. im unsure of what i am having but all i can come up with is names for a girl. i need a unique name for a boy that starts with a c. please help
Babeh names
written by Aids, August 26, 2010
I like Garus, Saren, Fist,and Ballsack [not really].(: For dudes of course.
When it comes to girls consider the opions: Tali, Shi'er'a, Risa, Chora, and Li'ara. :D
Inspiration: Mass Effect 1&2. Go xbox gaming.
girls name
written by caroline, September 08, 2010
hi there im not really here to post a sudgestion of names but to ask for help on picking one.
ive 3 children two boys and one girl....
fabien 17, harry-charles 12, and sara evelyn beatrice rose 16mths,,,

im now 6 weeks gone wiv my 4th which early indecations are its a girl, going on all the same symptoms i had wiv my first little girl.

however her name has been planned for years so was that from the sec i knew it was a girl....
however this time im at a blank bar leah for a middle name nothing els has jumped out at me

natrally i want it to sound nice along side sara but def be not so popular or well used maybe something of french oregan like that of my first sons name
and go with leah white....
written by Keely, October 02, 2010
my favorite names for a girl are McKenna/McKayla and Teagan. and for boys names i like Jackson and bentley.

my boyfriend doesn't really like any of those names, but for a girl he likes lilianna, and annalynn.
confused and lost
written by Felicia Stanley, October 02, 2010
im having my fourth and last baby its gonna be a girl and i want her to have a unique name that grabs the attention of others my other two girls are named lily ann rose and serenity jade haven my little boys name is camdon lee blake each name has a specific meaning to me and their dad but this one we are completely lost if anyone has any suggestions please let me know
to Keely
written by nyree kittinger, October 05, 2010
if it's a girl, name her Lilianna Teagan!
to Felicia (confused..)
written by Benti, October 16, 2010
I like your names! How about Bente or Charity or Charis (pronounce Karis). Cameo is nice. Destiny or Desiree or Dierdra. Charmae. I knew a woman named Revel and she was as happy as her name..
Good luck!
written by Samantha, October 26, 2010
I prefer the names Trinity Love, Sapphire, Lila, Maya, Natalia, Elisia and Carina
written by Akila Flemming, November 06, 2010
i love my middle name for my daughter's name (wen i have 1) tishornia. i'm not sure wat it means but it's very unique. for my son's name it will b alexei. my nieces have exotic names (malakayah, aurora and shanira) and my sisters have exotic names too (ashunda and afeisha) so i have to keep up the tradition.
written by Destini, November 29, 2010
Hey, my name is normal just spelled differently
Destini Marie... i also have a family member named Heaven Leigh-Ann

But i like Caden and Karson
I love Ellias
written by dora, December 04, 2010
You should consider Ellias. We will choose if for our baby girl. It is nice and can match up with many middle names:

Ellias Kate
Ellias Anne
Ellias June
Ellias Oliva

list goes on...

it is a beautiful strong name

Unique Name
written by Charissa, January 07, 2011
Hello to all

My name is Charissa (pronounced SHA-RISS-A) and I have only met one other person who spells and pronounces their name that way. I think it is a more soft name other than Carissa which has a hard C sound where Charissa is a soft C sound With CH have a SHHH sound. Just a thought for all of you looking for a girl name!
written by CoreeSilvera, January 26, 2011
I must be Brazilian blood some how. Love Yasmin and Yosef! But Pedro...not so much. I'd always think of Napoleon Dynamite: Vote for Pedro
unique boy & girl names
written by mina tipton, March 16, 2011
i haven't found out the sex of the baby yet so both boy and girl names are appreciated...anything unique :)
Unique names
written by Ivelis, March 23, 2011
Hi, mi name is Ivelis (Ivelisse) i'm from Puerto Rico but I don't like latin names for my babies. My first son name is Nathan Louangel, and I loveee the second name( Lou= Louis Angel). Now i'm pregnant but is too early to know the sex. The only name for boy that i'm considering is Denzel.

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