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Filipino Boy Baby Names

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Our collection of Filipino baby boy names will get you started on your journey to find the perfect moniker for your child. Most of these names are Tagalog in origin (Tagalog is one of the major languages spoken in the Philippines), but some are Spanish or even English names that are all popular in the Philippines.

Filipino babyIt's not easy to find traditional Filipino baby names, partciularly outside of the Philippines. Modern-day parents in the Asian island country of the Philippines will often choose a Western name for their newborn baby, owing to the widespread influence of the media. There are also many given names that are Spanish or Latin in origin, owing to the four hundred years of Spanish colonial rule that began in the mid-1500's.

To get a glimpse into a modern Filipino nursery school, for example, check out this name list -- in 2006, the most popular boys' names in the Philippines were: Joshua, Christian, John Paul, Justine, John Mark, Adrian, Angelo, John Michael, James and John Lloyd.

However, if you are of Filipino descent, have a Filipino partner or are adoption a Filipino baby, you may be interested in incorporating some native Filipino heritage into your child's life with a cultural name for your baby -- but you may be unsure where to begin looking. Let us help you get started in our top picks of Filipino baby boy names.

Arvin: Tagalog variant of Erwin or Arwin

Bagwis: long wing feather (Tagalog)

Bayani: hero (Tagalog)

Benjie: Tagalog variant of Benjamin

Crisanto: golden flower (Old Greek)

Dakila: big, great (Tagalog)

Danilo: Tagalog variant of Daniel

Datu: chieftan (Tagalog)

Efren: Spanish/Tagalog version of Ephraim (Hebrew)

Fermin: Spanish/Tagalog version of Pirmin (Latin)

Gener: unknown meaning, might be variant of Catalan word for January ("gener") (Tagalog)

Homobono: good man (Latin)

Isagani: unknown meaning, probably a native Philippine name (Tagalog)

Isko: shortened form of the Spanish "Francisco," probably used only in the Philippines -- also spelled Kiko (Spanish)

Jejomar: combination of Jesus, Joseph and Mary (Tagalog)

Kidlat: lightning (Tagalog)

Luzvimindo: combination of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao -- three large islands of the Philippines (Tagalog)

Magtanggol: to defend (Tagalog)

Makisig: handsome, manly (Tagalog)

Melchor: Spanish/Tagalog version of Melchior, who is one of the three kings to visit the newborn Jesus

Nimuel: peace (Tagalog)

Rizal: José Rizal (1861-1896) was a national hero of the Philippines

Rodel: unknown meaning (Tagalog)

Virgilio: Latin/Tagalog vesion of the English name Virgil

There are also many other Filipino baby boy names to choose from that are popular in the Philippines today, such as Apolinario, Amado, Balagtas, Banoy, Bulunggoy, Dakila, Dalawapo, Doneng, Hagibis, Jomari, Kulafu, Malakas, Martir, Matangkad, Mindo, Nonoy, Numer, Paeng, Paking or Sayen.

Derivatives, or nicknames, are very common as well, and while these will not have a formal native origin, they are distinctly Filipino in nature and usage. For example, the name Paeng (listed above), comes from the local pronounciation of the last two syllables of Rafael, which is a common Spanish name used in the Philippines.

As you search for a native Filipino name for your new baby boy, we hope that our list helped you get started. Filipino names are beautiful, exciting and colorful, and if you want to give your child a distinctly Filipino name, you've come to the right place.

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