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How to Combine Baby Names

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Are you interested in combining baby names to create your own unique girl or boy name? In today’s age of baby naming, creativity and originality are valued. Consider the following methods of combining baby names as you decide on the best title for your child. You can begin by separating your chosen names into their respective syllables and then have fun! Play around with various spellings, mix and match… you just might develop an ideal, unique baby name for your little girl or boy.

newborn baby sleepingPerhaps the most innovative method of combining two baby names comes courtesy of Twilight saga author Stephenie Meyer. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s child was given the name Renesmee, a combo of the first names of the couple’s mothers – Renee and Esme. After all, how many half-human, half-vampire children are there? That kid needed a unique name!

But your child is pretty special to you too, whether or not they’ll be able to tell other people what they’re thinking with a simple touch. And you no doubt want a name that represents their potential.


It Takes Two… Or More

Bella and Edward were caught up in a naming struggle that many couples face – they want to name their child after both of their grandmothers or grandfathers, but it’s impossible to choose between them. You could bestow one name as the child’s first name and one as the middle name, but that can create a feeling of playing favorites. So why not work on some switcheroos first to see if combining names can give you something equally unique while still honoring family?

• Claudia + Genevieve = Genedia or Clauvieve
• Robert + Martin = Robin or Bertin

Or you can marry the names of the paternal grandparents or maternal grandparents and create a brand new name for a son or daughter:

• Claudia + Robert = Claubert (for a boy) or Rodia (for a girl)
• Genevieve + Martin = Gentin (for a boy) or Marvieve (for a girl)

When you’re combining elements of names, you’re not restricted to only working with two names. Three, maybe even four, can give you the right ingredients. For example, you love John and Michael. Your partner loves James and Joseph. How about Jomiseph? Or maybe you can’t decide between Camille, Chloe and Carrie. Consider combinations like Charrille (pronounced sha-rill or share-a-lee), Chaloe or Carilloe.

Ideas for Combining Names

Here are more two-name equations using some of today’s most popular names.

Unique Boys Names:

• Jacob + Michael = Jachael
• Daniel + Joshua = Dashua
• Alexander + Anthony = Alexony
• William + Ethan = Willan
• Christopher + Matthew = Maristo

Unique Girls Names:

• Emma + Isabella = Emmabella
• Emily + Madison = Emmison
• Ava + Olivia = Avvia
• Sophia + Elizabeth = Sophibeth
• Abigail + Chloe = Abiloe

Make Additions

Another alternative for baby naming is to add a prefix or suffix to a common or popular name for a brand new combination.

• Consider prefixes like Chan-, Da- and De- for names like Chanava for a girl or DePaul for a boy.
• Add a suffix such as -etta, -isha, -on or lee for names like Jilletta, Katiesha or Annaleigh for a girl or Davidon for a boy.

You can even scramble consonants, vowels or all the letters in a name to get a brand new proper noun. Or take a cue from one of the most popular names today – Nevaeh, which is Heaven spelled backwards. What other fine-meaning words can do the same trick?

Whatever approach you choose, you’re bound to come up with some pretty amusing combos as you tinker with these methods. But they might just lead to a name that’s completely inspired!

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My First and Middle name combined
written by Jincy, January 10, 2010
Here is my name combined in to one....
Jincy Nella = Jinella

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