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How to pick and choose a baby name

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When exploring your options for picking the perfect name for your baby-to-be, the choices are endless. From popular baby names to baby name meanings, figuring out the best label for your bun in the oven can seem overwhelming without the right tools. Instead of settling on a baby name, find a name you and your partner will love with these tips on how to pick and choose a baby name.

Pinpoint what's important to you
With thousands of baby names to choose from, picking the perfect baby name will be easier if you narrow down the pool of potential labels. Is it the meaning or the origin of the name? Or, would you like to honor a family member, or follow in the current baby name trends? Focusing only on the types of names you like will make the task of creating a baby names list less daunting.

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Say it out loud
You may love the way a moniker looks, but, the way it hits your ear may be a different matter. Let it roll off of your tongue and make sure it sounds as appealing to you as it looks on paper. Then, say it with the middle and last name and with just the first and last name to check for any unintentional humor; a name combo that produces funny sayings or common characters, such as Alec Tricity or Jessica Rabbit, may mean challenges for your darling later on in life.

Test it for teasing
There's a chance that regardless of the name you choose, kids will find a way to tease your youngster at some point during his or her school years. However, you may be able to cut down on the mockery by avoiding any names that will beg your child's classmates to poke fun at your kiddo. Rhyming names can be easily avoided, like Jason Mason, while names like Grace-disgrace may be less traumatic.

Agree on a spelling
The baby name trend of unique spellings for monikers is cute, but can cause complications. Be weary of any spelling options that may increase the likelihood that your bundle of joy's name will be mispronounced for the rest of his or her life.

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Look at initials
Although not as crucial, being aware of the initials your sweet pea's names will create may influence the names you ultimately choose. Having the initials POW may be okay, but GAS or EKG may attract more teasing on the playground.

Take a small poll
You don't have to take anyone's opinion to heart, but getting a feel for how others may perceive your baby-to-be's name may give you insight into how your little one will fare with the moniker you are planning to choose. You may love it, but your baby is the one who has to live with it.

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How did you ultimately pick and choose your baby's name?

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