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Negative baby name reactions

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Whether it's your in-laws or a stranger on the street, it seems that everyone has an opinion about the names you're considering for your bundle of joy. Before you go on the defensive when someone turns up their nose at the moniker you love, check out these tips on how to deal with people who don't like the name you picked for your baby-to-be.

Zip your lips

Worried that people will raise a disapproving brow about the baby boy name or baby girl name you've chosen? One sure way to keep comments about your favorite baby name is to keep it under wraps.

Hiding behind the premise that you and your partner want to keep your baby's name a surprise will not only help you avoid unwanted feedback, it will probably drive everyone crazy, which can be a little fun for you.

Turn the other cheek

If you choose to share your favorite baby name with people before the baby is born, you may find yourself dealing with unconstructive comments about your moniker of choice.

One option you have is to ignore any comments that are anything less than supportive. When someone offers up their opinion, simply smile and change the subject. Being the bigger person may be hard, but who needs the unwelcome stress during your delicate time?

Deflect them with humor

If you have a quick wit despite the baby brain many pregnant women experience, responding back with humor when someone makes a negative remark is an easy way to throw them off.

When faced with someone who mentions that they do not like the name you picked for your baby to be, countering with something funny like, "Well, we liked Harry but we're afraid with our gene pool that we'd be jinxing him" is a quick way to put the ball back in your court instead of letting the conversation go to verbal blows.

Speak your mind

Had enough of people who let you know that they don't like the baby name you are going to pick? Offering up your own opinion about the topic when negative comments come up is only fair, especially since it is your choice when it comes to your baby's name.

When someone makes a rude comment when you share the baby name you've chosen, you can let them know you're offended by their comments and walk away. Is it a family member or close friend? Let them know that you stand strong by your baby name choice and change the subject.

Ultimately, you don't' need anyone's approval when choosing a baby name. Regardless of how people feel about your baby name choice, chances are that once they meet your pea in the pod in person, they will love your little one; regardless of his or her name!

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