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Unique Spellings: The New Twist on Baby Names

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It is becoming increasingly popular in recent years to bestow first and middle names that are more unconventional and unique.  More and more parents are changing the spelling of common names with the desire to make their baby stand out from the crowd.

Some parents take a common name and alter the spelling to focus on a particular syllable, such as Brian and Brayan, while others take the spelling game to the top, often coming up with completely new names.   Nevaeh is a phenomenon of spelling changes.  Taking the word heaven and re-arranging the letters backwards, parents have begun a trend that is rising fast in popularity.  Before 2001, Nevaeh was not even noted in US name popularity charts.  In the past few years, it has amazingly grown to rank 70! 

What’s the catch?  Parents are choosing Nevaeh for its connection to the beauty and ideal of heaven, in addition to getting a name that sounds like it came from a fantasy novel.    It seems that even the most original name spelling can, within a few years, soar to be one of the most popular names in the country.   Parents considering such names for their babies should keep in mind that they may be creating a lasting trend, and although their baby may have a one-of-a-kind name among their peers, they may be followed by a younger generation of name-alikes.

Unique spellings should be well-thought out.  It is best to make sure that the name is pronounceable.  Your baby will have to deal with others reading their name out loud throughout their lives – names that are difficult or complicated to pronounce will put your child in the position to constantly correct others.  Sometimes it may be worth it to stick to a more common spelling and give your baby an easy time in such situations.  Sometimes the slight change can add enough uniqueness without the potential problems.  Spelling Natalie as Natalee is a great example.  The spelling has changed, but it is still obvious how the name should be pronounced. 

It is recommended to have a reason for changing the spelling of a name.  Consider why it is that you are making the alterations – do you want to bring out certain aspects of a name, to connect a name to a certain ethnicity, or to make the name more meaningful to you?  Spelling changes that are well thought out will bring more meaning to your baby’s name and will add to their sense of identity later on in life.  Your child may ask you a few years down the line about the name you have chosen and giving them a satisfying answer can add to their self-confidence.

If you are looking for a unique twist to your name choices, you can use our advanced search to look for different spellings of names with the same meaning.

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Comments (16)Add Comment
written by chloe, November 03, 2010
For jj suggestion i love jackson or jaxxon. , also perhaps james? Jason? or jayson. Jamison. jeremy.
For those looking for any names , mine would be
Girls - charlotte lily , Madilyn Grace , Sophie Maree , also like Ashlyn or Aysha ( Aisha) Boys- Jackson Bryce , Oliver , Harrison and Asher. Hope this helps somebody , Cheers
Need some help with boy names
written by Hayleighh, January 14, 2011
i really love names that start with T,J,and K. and was wondering if anyone had some unique names for me
written by DanaeHowarrd, January 14, 2011
I know exactly what I'm naming mine- but I can't tell because I don't want anyone stealing it x3 Yeah, I know, its kind of silly. But oh well :)
Need some help with boy names, & middle name for girl
written by Lisandra, January 25, 2011
I love the name Lyriq for a girl but I'm having trouble with finding a middle name to fit. When it comes to boy names I'm lost but I am Puerto Rican & Italian & would like names of that sort plz help!
written by CoreeSilvera, January 27, 2011
How about Lyriq Michelle? Or Lyriq Chantelle?
need some help with baby girl names
written by Sheena, March 03, 2011
Hi..I need help in creating a name for my first baby... my husband want a 2 words name for our baby and he pick Shane for the first word...He want me to form the other name that fits for the name Shane...Could anyone help me...
written by amanda, March 30, 2011
not sure on the sex of my first baby yet but want the name jayden daniel for a boy. We want jade as a first name for a little girl but cannot think of a middle name that matches
what is the best match for my name and my hubby's name?
written by Maydel Villaverde, May 06, 2011
what is the best match for my name and my hubby's name? my name is maydel and His name is rhaian.. in his name, it is so difficult for me to find match for our baby a plenty of vowels..:) hope you guys can help me....thanks!
written by kayla, June 19, 2011
for Amanda, a good middle name for a girl named jade would be elizabeth..(:
written by kayla, June 19, 2011
for maydel: my friends name is maiyrha and many people tell her how pretty her name is all the time, its uses the letters in both of your names and makes one name..
written by kayla, June 19, 2011
for lisandra: lyriq nicole works great together, and for a boy carter wesliegh is awesome also...if anyone agrees with me on these names just let me a lisandra know((:
for hayleigh
written by kayla, June 19, 2011

kayla jean(my wonderful name)
kyra ray

tansley marie
tiger lilly
((: i hope you like these names, and if any one else likes em, just comment which one((: enjoy
baby names i need some help
written by samantha, June 29, 2011
for a boy we want mikule or to some how put our name together samantha an david but idk how
Crazy spellings...
written by Kelsey, July 10, 2011
I'm really not a huge fan of different spellings. Some are way too extreme like Knowah for Noah or Jessickuh for Jessica. Parents really need to consider the child when they give names to their children.
Name for a boy.
written by Fawn Bonner, August 15, 2011
We have been naming our kids with similar first letters in the first and middle name. My son's name is Da'Dreian Lamont, his sister's names are DaJanique LaShae, and Ericka LaNise. I need a name for a boy with the first letter "F" and "C". I like unique names so my father's name of "Frederick" or "Fredrick" is not a choice. I know that "F" and "C" might be difficult. My Nephews and Nieces say "Ayden, Aidan" but we have no middle name....any suggestions?__Thanks so very much
need a unique/cute baby boy name ..
written by Kimberly, August 25, 2011
Hi my name is Kimberly and i am looking for a baby boy name something unique/cute but yet different. I would like for it to start with a D for the first and T for the middle.. the last name will be Chambers...

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