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Spiritual Names: An Expression of the Soul

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A name inspired by your personal beliefs is a powerful way to give your baby a profound connection to their faith. Explore the ethereal side of baby naming.

Spiritual Baby Names

While fads and trends come and go, faith is the most lasting influence on baby name choices around the globe.  Among all the technologically advanced countries, the United States is the only one in which a majority of citizens hold religion to be a very large influence in their lives.  

Our country was founded by individuals who escaped religious persecution, and religious freedom and expression is a fundamental element of the American Dream. One of the largest influence on baby name decisions is one's spiritual beliefs.  Whether your style is to choose unique or popular names, spiritual and religious affiliations are the undercurrent that influences the final name decision.

Names From the Bible: Relics from the Past or Timeless Gems?
In times like these, is there much significance in naming your baby according to Bible and the monotheistic tradition?  When computer technology allows us to connect to remote parts of the world in milliseconds, when you can walk into a GAP store in Calcutta or eat authentic Indian food in downtown Tokyo, a lot parents today are trying to break the conventional molds that were common for two thousand years.

Greek Names, Modern Mythology
Greece, the mother of western philosophy, Democracy and culture from three thousand years ago, inspires many people today. A new trend puts this ancient society on the naming map. 

Can a Name Make Your Baby Rich?
We all know what an unsuccessful name is when we hear it. What makes a name better than another and can we pick a name for our child that can assure him a better chance to successful?

Expression Numbers and Their Meanings
Would you like to name your baby according to numerological rules? This is the list of Expression numbers and their meanings to help you search for an appropriate name.

Kabbalah Baby Names - The New Spiritual Trend
Baby names according to the Kabbalah are a new popular trend, with celebrities like Madonna, Tom Cruise, and others naming their babies according to the Kabbalah. A thin red string worn around many people’s wrists indicates a growing popularity in the Kabbalah movement.

Soul Urge Numbers and their Meanings
This is a list of the Soulurge numbers and their meanings in Numerology.

Nature Baby Names

A tree-hugger at heart?  Use the elements of nature to inspire you in your name decision.

Nature Names - Connecting with the Elements

We name our kids after almost every element in our daily life. But Why don't we name more babies after elements of nature?

Names According to Places

A new trend in baby naming looms to take over a generation of babies. It is naming babies after cities, rivers, countries and continents.

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Junia - Romans 16:7
written by Tricia, October 13, 2008
We gave my daughter this name, and we always get compliments on it. It is a female name and she was mentioned as "Well regarded among the apostles" by Paul.

I am looking for a Biblical or spiritual name for my soon to be born son.
Junia-Romans 16:7
written by ideline, October 22, 2008
if you want to stay biblical-then maybe you can go with the name Micah meaning "who is like God". I used that name for my son with an extra letter-MICAIH, pronounce (My-kaih)
spiritual names, not often heard, but provide powerful meanings
written by juana velarde, December 22, 2008
Micah, Aurora, Avalon, Ariel, Uriah

I hope these help someone
blessings, Juana
Unique(and pretty hard to live with spiritualish name)
written by Harmony , August 31, 2009
How bout Harmony. It is my name and i always get compliments example : What a beautiful name. lol
Also Spelled Jharmonie. french meaning Peace or Music. :)

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