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Baby names to avoid: The biggest scandals of 2014

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Even the most beloved baby names can become tainted by public scandals. You looked forward to naming your son Bill or William…  and then the Bill Cosby rumors surface. Or you fell in love with the name June but Mama June Shannon decides to start dating a man who molested her daughter. Were any of your potential baby names affected by one of 2014's top scandals?


Names people give to their cars

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I thought it was weird that my sister named her car Calliope, but apparently the practice of naming vehicles is not uncommon. The Automobile Association reports that four out of 10 drivers name their cars. More women than men do so (50 percent vs. 33 percent), and the trend is definitely more popular among the younger set (70 percent of drivers aged 18-24 vs. 30 percent of drivers over 65). So what, exactly, are these car names?


Best names for January babies

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Will you kick off the New Year with a new baby? January babies are so special and deserve an extra-special baby name. And we have just the inspiration for you!


Baby name trends we'd like to see in 2015

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We've made our predictions for what baby name trends are in (and out) for 2015. 


What if my baby hates his name?

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Whether you've found the baby name of your dreams or not, you find yourself suddenly terrified — what if your baby hates the name you've chosen? Let us put your mind at ease as you prepare to fill out the birth certificate.

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