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Our free baby names e-book covers the many aspects parents need to consider before they decide on a name for their baby. Instead of spending on a baby names book, you could use this e-book to get all the help you need to find a name for your baby.

Baby girl names from the early 1960s

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The 1960s had a huge influence on our culture, from the music to the Civil Rights Movement. Look to this formative time in our nation's history to discover baby names with style and grace for your little girl.


8-Letter baby names for girls

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The octopus is your favorite animal or maybe Doctor Octopus is your favorite comic book villain. You don’t mind spiders. The octagon is your must-have shape... you just love that rounded, symmetry. Whatever the reason, you’re in love with the number eight and can't wait to share your love of the ocho with the littlest baby girl in your life.


Seasonal baby names that work all year long

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Matching baby's name to a particular season is old news. Spring born in April? Noel born in December? We've seen them all a thousand times now! How about flipping this baby name tradition on its head and finding some seasonal names that work all year long? 


Funky baby names for boys

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Looking for a funky, unusual baby boy name, but one that is not too "out there?" These names have have a fun feel to them without being superstar outrageous.


25 Baby boy names that are falling out of fashion

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Like fashion and music, baby names also fall in and out of popularity with trends in culture, movies and society. While being on the cutting edge of trends can be fun and exciting, no parent wants her child to share their name with five other classmates in school.

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