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Our free baby names e-book covers the many aspects parents need to consider before they decide on a name for their baby. Instead of spending on a baby names book, you could use this e-book to get all the help you need to find a name for your baby.

Wild West baby names

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Looking for an awesome western baby name? These Wild West baby names are perfect for your little cowboy or cowgirl.


Baby names that mean gift

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You're having a baby around the holidays! Temptation can be strong to choose a themed baby name, but is that a bit over the top for you? While Holly and Noel are gorgeous baby names, you can choose something more subtly fitting. 


Holiday baby names for girls

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Are you expecting this holiday season? It;s the most wonderful time of the year, and the perfect time to welcome a new baby into the world. Preparing for baby during a busy time of year can be a little overwhelming, but it's so rewarding when your precious gift arrives. 


Famous Capricorn baby names

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Capricorn children -- those born between December 22nd and January 19th -- keep you on your toes from day one. Will they be born this year or next? They crave this type of rapt attention throughout their lives. 


44 Science fiction baby names

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Only a true science fiction fan will understand the significance of this list of fantastic baby names drawn from some of the best sci-fi television series of all time.

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