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Our free baby names e-book covers the many aspects parents need to consider before they decide on a name for their baby. Instead of spending on a baby names book, you could use this e-book to get all the help you need to find a name for your baby.

44 Science fiction baby names

User Rating: / 12

Only a true science fiction fan will understand the significance of this list of fantastic baby names drawn from some of the best sci-fi television series of all time.


Swedish baby names you can pronounce

User Rating: / 10

Not all Swedish baby names look like something that came out of the IKEA catalog. We've rounded up some of the more popular boy and girl names... they're all unique and easy to pronounce!


Million-dollar baby names

User Rating: / 18

We can't promise you that these million-dollar names will make your baby rich, but we do guarantee that they will provide a wealth of inspiration!


Baby names that are adjectives

User Rating: / 13

During pregnancy, it's impossible not to imagine your little son or daughter. What will your baby be like? Charming? Handsome? Sweet? Slowly getting to know your precious new arrival is one of the most amazing things about parenting. As you interact with your little one, plenty of adjectives will come to mind. 


Baby names inspired by Supernatural

User Rating: / 14

The paranormal CW television series Supernatural is more than just a popular TV show, it's spawned a devoted -- almost rabid -- fan following over its nine seasons. Following the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, two hunters of supernatural beings, the show plays out like a modern American western with a healthy splash of comedy, self-deprecation, and even a little bit -- OK, a lot -- of fan service. So if you're looking for that perfect paranormal name for your new little angel, check out our list of favorite Supernatural-inspired baby names.

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