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Colonial baby names

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Before the birth of the United States, 13 colonies were founded between the early 1600s and the mid-1700s. These colonies became the first states in the United States of America after our nation declared independence from Great Britain. What does that mean to you as an expecting parent? The colonial times were rife with excellent baby names. 


Awesome Hebrew baby names

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Hebrew baby names date back centuries. Many were featured in biblical writings and have become second nature to modern parents -- old favorite classics like David and Adam sound familiar to our ears, and have been used by parents for ages. 


Popular baby names from Latin America

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Hispanic baby names are not only popular south of the border, but within the U.S. as well. Whether you have Latin American heritage or just love the melodic sounds of these baby names, you're not going to want to miss out on this list.


Celebrity Baby Names 2013: The best and the worst

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It's that time of the year again!  Time to close out another year of celebrity baby bump gawking with a roundup of the best and the worst baby names. Do you agree with our critique?


Winter baby names

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Baby, it's cold outside! Winter officially runs from December through March, but we often feel its effects well before and after the season. If you're expecting a bundle of joy to arrive during this cozy season, then you might appreciate these winter-inspired baby names.

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