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Popular Irish Baby Names

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Irish baby names are a popular name trend for that unique and exotic sound. Are you looking for names that parents in Ireland name their baby girls and boys? From easily-recognized names, such as Daniel and Sarah, to distinctly Irish-sounding names, such as Cillian and Aoife, check out the most popular Irish baby names for girls and boys!


Celebrity quotes on weird baby name choices

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Celebrities continue to shock us and out-do each other by giving their offspring ridiculous names. Why do they do that? Why did Gwyneth Paltrow name her daughter Apple? What is actor Jason Lee's explanation for naming his son Pilot Inspektor? Here are a few explanations -- straight from the mouths of celebrities -- for some of the wackiest, unique and downright strange celebrity baby names.


Cool Destination Baby Names

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Destination baby names are often chosen by parents who have a fond memory of a particular city or country -- or because the name sounds exotic or just plain cool. Well-known examples are London and Brooklyn, but we've found many more for you to consider, and not all of them are city or country names. As a bonus, many are suitable for both boys and girls. Check out our list of the coolest destination names for your baby!


Top baby names 2009

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Many baby name trends came into vogue in 2009 -- from celebrity baby names to unisex names, traditional baby names and an emergence of baby names starting or ending with certain sounds, check out the top baby names for girls and boys. Also, see the newly released list from the Social Security Administration on the top 100 baby girl names and boy names of 2009. Jacob and Isabella were the top names --see who else made the list!


Cool Middle Names

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Most expecting parents spend the majority of their time thinking of the perfect first name for their little one, a name that flows well with the last name, and blends in with the rest of the family. For some, the middle name can be that frustrating last minute decision that needs to be made, a name that gets skipped entirely. But for many the role of the middle name has gained importance and popularity over the years. Let us help you pick out a cool middle name to go with that rockin' first name.


Baby Name Trend: Sibling Names Starting with Same Letter

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The newest baby-name trendsetters are two famous families -- the Duggars and the Kardashians. You might wonder, "What do these two families have in common?" The most obvious connection between the two families is how they've used the same name theme -- the names of the kids in the family all start with the same letter! We'll let you in on some tips on how to implement this name theme in your own family.


Unique Short Girl Names

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Are you seeking a fun -- yet uncommon -- name for your little girl? Are you more attracted to names like Gia and Mara than names like Mia and Ava? We've collected the best and most unique girl names that are on the shorter side. Read on to check them out!


Middle Name Trends for Boys and Girls

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Middle names are a funny thing -- some cultures (and families) do not use them at all, while some parents regard them as a name that must sound great with the first name -- and still others put a great deal of thought into the middle name and grant their child one with special meaning. Come explore current middle name trends and get inspired to pick one for your baby!


Baby Boy Names Ending in –en and -an

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Several baby boy names ending in –en or –an are predicted to be trendy for 2010, while some have been on top 100 baby name lists for years. Whether you’re looking for a name that ends specifically in “en” or has the sound “n” you have many to choose from.


Popular Boy Names of the Decade 2000-2009

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Boys names are a unique bunch. The patterns of change among popular boys names can best be tracked over decades instead of years, since there is so little change from year to year. If you are curious about what names were popular in the decade of 2000 through 2009, then you are in luck. The company, Name Your Tune, used their data from customer orders of their personalized children's music albums to generate a list of the most popular boys names. From traditional boy names to unique boy names, find out who topped the list!


Popular Girl Names of the Decade 2000-2009

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Wondering what were the popular girl names of the decade 2000 through 2009? While the official results haven't been released yet from the Social Security Administration (and won't be for a few more months), one company has given their results of the top baby girl names based on the pattens they saw with customer orders. Do these names mirror the popular baby name lists or will a unique girl name grab the top spot?

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