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Celebrity Baby Girl Names 2009

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This year’s celebrity baby girl names have ranged from unique names (Petal) to traditional names (Eleanor) to names that, well, are a little strange (Mars). One baby name trend that we have noticed is the resurgence of feminine flower baby names , such as Seraphina Rose,  Petal Blossom and Daisy. Here is an overview of the top celebrity baby girl names in 2009.


Noun Baby Names: Hot Naming Trend

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Noun baby names are the hotttest new naming trend for baby girls and baby boys. Starting long ago with the ancient Greeks and Romans, the use of "regular" words for baby names has a long history and is continuing its popularity in modern times with parents everywhere, from celebrity names to your hometown. Check out our collection of the coolest -- and most quirky -- noun baby names for your girl or boy!


Twilight Names from the Twilight Saga

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The worldwide popularity of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga has brought a slew of unusual names to the forefront while also reinvigorating the appreciation of names that, for one reason or another, might have dropped out of fashion. Listed below are a selection of main character names from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Be forewarned, some of the names come with brief character descriptions – so if you haven’t read the books, there are spoilers ahead!


S Girl Names and Meanings

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"S" baby girl names are a hot trend --and why shouldn't they be? "S" stands for summer, sunshine and sand. It also stands for snow, sliding and shiver. It is the letter of seasons and is the perfect letter to begin your daughter's name, no matter what time of year she is born in. Do you think an "S" name is right for your girl? Check out our list of the Top 50 "S" girl baby names and decide for yourself!


Short and Sweet Baby Names

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Are you looking for a short and sweet baby name? Perhaps you have a long or complicated last name, or you're looking for a name to match your short and simple surname. Either way, look no further for names for baby girls and baby boys -- we've gathered one- and two-syllable names of the simplest (and sweetest) sort! Read on for these singular names and their meanings.


Top 50 Cool Baby Names

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Are you looking for the coolest baby name for your girl or boy? Come be inspired by the coolest movies, people and books around (as well as names we just think are unique and awesome) and find the name that is perfect for your baby boy or girl! 


Top 50 Powerful Baby Names

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We’ve compiled the top 50 powerful baby names for your boy or girl. The definition of “power” can vary for each person. And every individual’s idea of the kind of people who represent power can fluctuate as well. A-list actors and actresses wield a certain amount of power (usually through face recognition or their bank account) but you may think your neighborhood patriarch is the kind of person who represents genuine strength and power.


Unique Baby Name Alternatives to Popular Names

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When it comes to baby names, the word “popular” doesn’t mean unique and original – it means plentiful. With baby-naming trends unlikely to change drastically anytime soon, it’s time to begin developing alternatives to the names that regularly hold the top 10 spots for boys and girls.


English and Old English Baby Names

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For 14 years running, Jack has topped the baby name charts in England, but Oliver is running a close second. It’s an interesting development when noting that the top name for girls – Olivia – is the equivalent to the second-runner-up for boys. Find out other baby naming trends in England and, while you are at it, find the perfect name for your boy or girl.


Top Girl Baby Names 2008: Social Security Administration

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The Social Security Administration has released the top 100 baby names for 2008, compiled from Social Security cards for US births. Here are the baby girl names topping the charts.


Top Boy Baby Names 2008: Social Security Administration

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The Social Security Administration's list of the top 100 baby names for 2008 is out! Find out which boy baby names made the list.

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