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Popular Baby Name Trends for 2009

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Names like Aidan, Ethan, Noah and Caden topped the popular baby name charts last year, along with Ava, Isabella, Madeline, and Emma. But what will be the popular baby name trends for 2009? If trends and track records hold true, here are a few baby names we predict will top the charts this year.


Most Popular Hebrew Baby Names

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Are you wanting to pay homage to your Jewish ethnicity by naming your baby a Hebrew name? Or maybe want a Jewish baby name that pays tribute to your religion? Here are the hottest, most popular Hebrew baby names for baby boys and girls.


The Most Unique Literary Baby Names

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Finding meaning in a name is important, but you also want your child to have something more attached to their moniker than just a definition of “brave one” or “spirited.” For an unforgettable proper noun, consider turning to the great works of talented authors. Your child will love telling people that his name was inspired by a hero of literature or, if you dare, an especially unforgettable villain.


Brand new baby names: From Armani to Metallica

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Celebrities often give their children exotic and unusual names. Actors, musicians, artists and other performers are, by nature, creative and often bestow names that are out of the ordinary.

Social Security Popular Baby Names for 2007

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The Social Security Administration has released the list of the top given names in the US for 2007.  See who came in first and what the trends foretold.


Weird Spellings - What will they come up with next?

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Graciela, Xiomara, Noelia… American names are getting weirder by the minute.   Parents are setting loose all of their creative power to topple even the oddest and most outrageous names to come up with a creation that is all their own.


All-American Baby Names

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Whether you're for hippie flower power or the punk style of the 80's, retro names from American cultural history and places are a great way to pay tribute to your favorite cultural era or location.


Popular Baby Names

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From the most recent popularity charts to the newest trends taking the world by storm, get the latest on what's hot this year.


Celebrity Baby Names

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Does "glamorous" describe your personal taste?  Find out what the stars are naming their offspring and get great ideas for your baby, Hollywood style.


Ethan and Ava: Top names of the year in British Columbia, Canada

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Ethan remains the most popular baby boy name in British Columbia for the sixth year in a row, and baby girl name Ava replaces the perennial favorite Emma for the second year running. 


Popular Twin Names by Theme

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Jack and Jill, Harry and Sally?  There is so much more to coming up with a good twin name combo than meets the eye. 

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