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East Coast baby names

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Whether you are from the East Coast of the United States or just love the preppy sound of these names, East Coast baby names are chic and sophisticated.  Check out our list of the most popular baby names in New York, as well as preppy baby girl and baby boy names perfect for your Ivy League baby.


Top 100 baby girl names 2011

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The Social Security Administration has released the list of the top baby names of 2011 – and Sophia gets the honor of being the most popular baby girl name of the year. Isabella held the top spot for two years prior. Who else made the list? Find out the top 100 baby girl names of the year and see if your chosen baby name made the list.



Top 100 baby boy names 2011

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The Social Security Administration just released their much-anticipated top 100 baby boy names of 2011. There were some expected results, as Jacob remained as the most popular boy name of the year; however a new name has entered the top 5. Find out which baby boy names made the list of the top 100 baby boy names of 2011.


Top baby names in Ireland

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We love Irish baby names because they are unique and lovely, with a wonderful melodic sound to them. These baby names would be perfect for your born around St. Patrick’s Day or to honor your native Irish culture. 


Popular American baby names by region

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Each year the Social Security Administration releases their list of the top baby names, based on birth certificates from the entire United States. Taking a look at the entire US, the most popular girl names were (in order) Isabella, Sophia, Emma, Olivia and Ava. The most popular boy names were Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Jayden and William.

Check out the top 100 baby names here

How do these names rank by region? Check them out below!


Baby name trends 2012

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Jacob and Isabella were the most popular baby names last year, however what will be hottest names of 2012? We take a look at celebrity baby name trends and the hottest names from pop culture to predict what we think will be at the top of every parent’s baby name list.

From Dexter to Quinn: Baby names from pop culture

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How much does pop culture influence baby name trends? The most recent list of the top baby names from the Social Security Administration  proves that names from movies and TV shoes have a huge influence, as names from The Twilight Saga (Isabella andJacob) are at the top of the charts. Reality TV also has a huge influence, as we are seeing a rise in “K” baby names (thanks to the Kardashians) and even names from Teen Mom are becoming more popular.


Why choose same letter sibset names?

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When looking for a baby name for your second, third or even your tenth child, finding a name that is harmonious with your first child's name is easy when you give him or her a name that starts with the same letter as a sibling. Also known as same letter sibset names, this popular baby name trend has grown in the light of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, as well as the 19 Duggar kids all sharing the letter J. Ready to jump on the baby name bandwagon and choose same letter sibset names? Here's a few ideas on how.


Top 50 Alabama baby names

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Baby names in the gorgeous southern state of Alabama in 2010 were similar to the rest of the US but a few trends stuck out, with many Alabama parents opting for traditional or classic names. What made the top 50 in Alabama? Read on to find out.


Popular names from the 1980s

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Aerobics, glam bands, leg warmers, MTV and Michael Jackson -- what do these have in common? The 80s, of course! While pop culture was forging a new path towards hair metal and sequins, parents in the 80s were naming their babies classic, traditional names. More baby boys in 1980 were named Michael than any other name, and Robert and Joseph were very popular as well. Girls in the 80s were named Jennifer, Tiffany and Erin. Do these names sound familiar? Read on to see what other names made the top of the charts in the 1980s!


Popular baby names that end in a vowel

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The recipe for finding the perfect baby name for your bundle of joy starts with the right ingredients. Whether you love the way they sound or just want to have your baby's first name flow with your last name, discover nearly 400 top baby names that end in a vowel, like Joshua and Luke, as well as Isabella and Sophia.

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