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Popular names from the 1900s

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The turn of century, in 1900, saw many changes and important events -- the Wright brothers took to the air, President McKinley was assassinated, San Francisco experienced a devastating earthquake and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published. What were parents naming their babies in 1900? Read on to find out!


Popular baby names from the 1970s

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Style and fashion from the 1970s is popular right now -- but what about baby names from the seventies? Jennifer was the top name in 1970 for girls, and more boys were named Michael than any other name. What other names made the list? Read on to find out!


Popular baby names from the 1920s

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Why would you choose a name from the 1920s for your very modern baby girl or boy? Many parents-to-be site their family tree as an important source of inspiration. A much-loved grandfather named William may be your son's namesake, or a great aunt named Betty may have been an important person in your life that you wish to honor. Check out which names were popular in the 1920s and get inspired to name your own little one.


Pros and cons of choosing a popular baby name

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Choosing a baby name is one of the first important decisions you'll make for your newborn. But, when it comes to choosing a common baby name, like Aidan and Sophia, will it be the right decision? From leaving less room for mispronunciation to baby names that go away with baby name trends, weigh the pros and cons of choosing a popular baby name before signing on the dotted line.


Baby name trends of the 1980s

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In the days where Michael Jackson was introducing the world to the moonwalk and nobody left the house without their legwarmers and fingerless gloves, baby names Michael and Jessica topped the Social Security Administration's baby name charts. Wondering what other baby name trends could be spotted amongst babies born in the same decade as MTV? From biblical names for boys to unisex names for boys and girls, check out the baby name trends of the 1980s.


Popular boy names ending in "n"

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Picking a boy name for your baby that ends with an "n" sound is a great choice. It has a cute sound when your baby is small but is still mature enough for adulthood. From classics like Aaron and Nathan to trendier choices such as Aiden and Braxton, come check out the most popular "n" boy names from America's 200 most popular baby names! 


Japanese baby names for boys and girls

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The island nation of Japan has a long and brilliant history -- and a slew of super cute baby names to boot. If you originally hail from Japan, are adopting a Japanese baby or just love names like Haro and Mori, read on!


Tagalog baby names

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Filipino baby names pay homage to the rich culture of the Philippines for many American families with roots in the Tagalog dialect. Although many parents in the Philippines choose Hebrew names for their newborns, there are still many popular Tagalog baby names for parents - to - be who want to choose a traditional Filipino baby boy name, Filipino baby girl name, or Unisex Filipino baby name.


Popular Indian baby names for girls

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Whether you have any Indian heritage or hail from that nation, Indian baby girl names have a definite allure to them. Exotic and sometimes mysterious, they reflect the long and colorful history of India while, at the same time, retaining their modern appeal. Read on for the most popular Indian baby girl names and get inspired in your own baby name search.


Popular Indian baby names for boys

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Indian baby names are exotic and melodious to the ear and an excellent choice for your baby boy. Indian names are increasingly popular in America as well as the rest of the world. India is a beautiful country and home to such magnificent icons as the Taj Mahal as well as historical literature and culturally significant poetry. Come check out the coolest Indian baby names for boys!


Popular Scottish baby names

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Are you looking for that perfect Scottish name for your baby boy or girl? Keep the heid! We've sought out names that are not only popular in Scotland but across the pond as well. Read on to find out what they are, from boy names like Dixon and Thane to girl names such as Leith and Davina.

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