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Popular boy names in the US for 2010

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The Social Security Administration's list of popular baby names isn't out yet, but we can give you a sneak peek at what BabyHold readers consider to be the most popular boy baby names of 2010! Read on to see what got the top spot in 2010 and see if any of these names are what you are looking for.


Top baby names in Illinois

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Home of the world's first skyscraper and historic home of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois is also home to baby name trends that feature girl baby names like Arianna and boy baby names such as Rylan. Looking for the most searched names in Illinois? Here are the top baby names in Illinois.


Top 50 baby names of 2011 by meaning

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With baby name trends for 2011 picking up speed, chances are that you're looking for just the right moniker for your baby-to-be. But, which trend will be the right fit for your special delivery? Moms and Dads waiting for the stork to arrive often turn to the meanings of names for inspiration. Check out our prediction for the top 50 baby names of 2011 by meaning.


Least popular baby names for 2011

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Parents-to-be may love the most popular baby names, but when you choose a baby name chart topper, your bun in the oven will share the same label with a lot of other little ones. Looking for a good baby name that shares less of the spotlight but still holds true to this year's baby name trends? Here are the baby names we think will be the least popular baby names for 2011.


Unique Baby Girl Names of 2011

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Baby girl names that once sounded unique, such as Addison or Harper, have suddenly become popular and are climbing the popular baby name lists. If you are looking for a new or modern unique name that will stand out in a crowd (or at least in the pediatricians office!), check out our list of unique baby girl names of 2011.


Pagan baby names

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Paganism encompasses a large variety of religions, many of which are ancient -- generally pagan religions are those that recognize and worship more than one deity. For a pagan baby name, you might want to draw from a number of different cultures and languages, such as Celtic, Egyptian, Gaelic or Norse, to state a few. Come check out our list of some very interesting pagan baby names and their meanings right here!


Top Baby Names 2011

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What will be the top baby names of 2011? Looking at emerging baby name trends, we can predict what names will most likely be at the top of the charts for popular boy names and girl names. From unique names to destination names, like Ireland or London, to short names, like Hayes or Eve, find out what baby names we predict will be tops in 2011.


Top baby name trends from 2010

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How did top baby names from 2009 like Jacob and Isabella, Ethan and Emma perform in 2010 baby name charts? Are crazy celebrity baby names still leading the pack of special deliveries this year? As another year of baby names comes to a close, check out the top baby name trends from 2010.


Dutch baby names

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Dutch baby names are used in the Netherlands and feature such unique beauties as Alida, Lotte and Isa for girls, and Luuk, Sven and Sem for boys. If you're after a Dutch baby name for your baby girl or boy, look no further! We've gathered some of the coolest Dutch baby names -- and their meanings -- out there. Check them out!


Top twin names from 2010

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As twins become increasingly common among celebrity couples, coordinating twin baby names are becoming more important to proud parents-to-be.  Parents of multiples are searching for the perfect pair of twin names.  To help inspire multiple names for a growing clan, check out this list of top twin names from 2010!



Winter baby names for boys and girls

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As wintertime fast approaches, you might be thinking about a baby name that has a winter meaning, especially if your little one is due in December, January or February -- the colder months of the year. We've gathered a variety of winter baby names for you, from mythology, from Christmas and from literature, as well as those inspired by wintry weather. Come check out these wintry baby names -- and their meanings -- for boys and girls!

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