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Top Celtic Baby Names

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The languages spoken then survive today in several forms and Celtic names are popular not only in those areas but in the United States as well.


Cool Boy Names on the Rise

User Rating: / 12

Are you looking for a cool, yet unique name for your baby boy? We compiled the top boy names searched by BabyHold readers to come up with a list of cool and buzzworthy baby boy names. You won't find any of these names on the top of popular baby name lists quite yet - however we predict these are the hottest boy names of the future.


Cool Girl Names on the Rise

User Rating: / 3

If you are looking for a cool and unique baby girl name, you will love our list of girl names on the rise! We have compiled a list of the top searched baby girl names on BabyHold to come up with a unique list of girl names that are unique and way ahead of their time.


Alternatives names to top baby names

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When choosing a name from the most popular baby name lists, you may be worried about how many kids will answer when you call to your child in the sandbox. If you like names like Jacob, Isabella, Ethan, and Emma, here are boy name and girl name alternatives to the top 10 baby names that you may like just as much...


35 Scary movie-inspired baby names

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If you love scary movies, this baby name list is for you! You don’t have to name your baby Dracula, Frankenstein or Leatherface to pay tribute to the horror genre.

Top Brazilian Baby Names

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Brazilian baby names have an exotic and unique sound to them and would make a great choice for your baby girl or baby boy. Whether you have cultural or family ties to this Portuguese-speaking country, or are simply looking for an exotic name, check out our list of the top Brazilian baby names for girls and boys.


Top Irish Baby Names in America

User Rating: / 8

Irish baby names are topping the Social Security’s list of top baby names in the United States.  Parents seem to love unique and exotic sound of these lovely names, such as Kaitlyn and Liam. If you are thinking of naming your baby an Irish baby name, check out our list of popular Irish names in America.


Top 25 Spanish Boy Names

User Rating: / 14

The 2 most popular Spanish boy names in Spain, Daniel and Alejandro, have been fighting for the top spot for the last decade in that country. What other names are popular in Spain? Some names you might expect to hear, such as Alvaro, Jorge and Ruben, but others may come as a surprise to you. Are you familiar with names like Iker or Aitor? Come find out about these top Spanish boy names -- and more!


Top 25 Spanish Girl Names

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There are many unique and exotic names in our list of top Spanish girl names. Ainhoa. Lucia. Daniela. Beautiful, exotic-sounding names dominate the baby name popularity charts in Spain. You also might be surprised to find that some Spanish baby naming trends seem to mirror America's -- but an America of a different decade! Did you grow up with a Paula or a Carla? Is your mother or grandmother named Irene? Those are some of the most popular names in Spain right now. Come check out the exciting names Spanish parents are giving their baby girls and get inspired yourself!


French Baby Girl Names Climbing the Charts

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French baby girl names are climbing the charts! French names are an excellent choice if you're looking for that cute or elegant touch to your daughter's baby name. If you are from a French-speaking country or just love everything about the French culture, look no further! From French versions of English names (like Aurore) to names that are uniquely French (such as Capucine), check out the most popular French names for baby girls!


Caribbean Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Caribbean baby names are full of exotic and unique choices for girls and boys. The Caribbean is a beautiful area southeast of the United States that includes the Caribbean Sea and more than 7000 gorgeous islands. Collectively, these islands are known as the West Indies and are home to an enormous amount of native culture and tradition, as well as baby names like Aman and Jacinta. Islands include Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominician Republic and Cuba, among many more. Come check out Caribbean baby names and get a little tropical inspiration for your baby boy or baby girl! 

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