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Latin American Baby Names

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Giving your baby a Latin American baby name is a wonderful way to carry on tradition in Hispanic culture. Family and religion are both very important parts of Hispanic and Latin American culture and it is quite easy to incorporate these into your name search. Check out some of our favorite Latin American baby names for boys and girls and get started on your naming adventure!


Popular City Names for Boys

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Have you ever thought about naming your baby after a favorite city? According to the Social Security Administration and their popular baby name lists, this a popular thing to do. From Austin to Kingston, we've searched through the list and found the most popular American city names for boys along with their origins and meanings -- check them out!


Popular City Names for Girls

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Some names for baby girls are tied together with a common thread -- they are also the name of American cities. It's becoming increasingly popular to name babies after cities -- an ongoing trend that shows no signs of stopping any time soon. The seventh most popular name in 2009 was Madison -- a large city in Wisconsin. Check out our list of top city baby names for girls, as listed by the Social Security Administration.


Top 100 Baby Names 2009: Social Security Administration

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The Social Security Administration has released the top 100 baby names for 2009 for boys and the top 100 baby names for 2009 for girls, as compiled from Social Security cards for US births.  Find out who is the NEW number 1 baby girls name and see if Jacob kept the top spot for boys -- or if Ethan moved up!

Top Baby Names by Origin

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Whether you are a first generation American looking to carry on the traditions of your ancestors through a baby name, or you are looking for a unique or exotic baby name specific to a certain origin there are many possibilities to choose from.  To help you narrow down your list, check out our pick of the top Irish names, French names, German names, Indian names and American names to help you find the right name for your baby girl or baby boy.


Spanish Celebrity Names

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Looking for the perfect Spanish celebrity baby name? Whether you have roots in the Spanish culture, or just want your baby-to-be to have a Spanish flair, check out these Spanish celebrity names from the big screen to the stage that may be perfecto for your little bambino.


Celebrities Real Names or Birth Names Revealed

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Do you ever wonder what celebrities real names are? You may be surprised! Do you know Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or Lady Gaga as she is now known?  How about Eric Marlon Bishop, also known as Jamie Foxx? Perhaps you’ve heard of Shawn Corey Carter  (Jay-Z) or Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (Sting). Does Caryn Elaine Johnson ring a bell? How about her stage name, Whoopie Goldberg? From Miley Cyrus to Reese Witherspoon and Tom Cruise, find out what these stars’ real names were before they changed them when moving to Hollywood.


140 St. Patrick’s Day Baby Names

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Whether you’re Irish or not, you can give your child a lucky charm of a name inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish. From baby names meaning “lucky,” to variations of the name Patrick and Patricia, to traditional Irish names and Popular Irish names, you are sure to find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day baby name for your girl or boy.


Unique Irish Boy Names

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An Irish name is a good choice for your baby boy, but what if you're more interested in Irish names that are more unique than Aiden and Finn? If you would like to learn more about really unique Irish name, check out our collection of several Irish boy names, along with their meanings.


Popular Irish Baby Names

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Irish baby names are a popular name trend for that unique and exotic sound. Are you looking for names that parents in Ireland name their baby girls and boys? From easily-recognized names, such as Daniel and Sarah, to distinctly Irish-sounding names, such as Cillian and Aoife, check out the most popular Irish baby names for girls and boys!


Celebrity quotes on weird baby name choices

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Celebrities continue to shock us and out-do each other by giving their offspring ridiculous names. Why do they do that? Why did Gwyneth Paltrow name her daughter Apple? What is actor Jason Lee's explanation for naming his son Pilot Inspektor? Here are a few explanations -- straight from the mouths of celebrities -- for some of the wackiest, unique and downright strange celebrity baby names.

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