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Unique names from common words

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Giving your baby a name that isn't really a name might sound unusual, but that's where all names ultimately come from. Check out these names that aren't super common, and get inspiration from the world around us.


Baby names inspired by supernatural shows

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The supernatural “is that which is said to exist above and beyond nature,” according to Wikipedia. Pop culture embraces the supernatural phenomena via TV series featuring the paranormal, occultism and more. Take a look at these baby names inspired by the memorable characters of these supernatural shows.


Where are they now? Baby names inspired by child stars

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When these child stars were born, their parents were already planning big things for them. Some of these early-start celebrities went on to do great things, but others found the pressure of fame to be too much. 


Four-letter baby names for boys

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You may not be a fan of four-letter words, but four-letter names for babies are awesome. See why we think these four-letter baby boy names should totally go on your baby name list.


Baby names inspired by famous movie directors

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Behind every great film is a great director. Check out our roundup of some of the most talented film directors of all time. Let their first names, surnames and even the titles of their most famous films inspire your next baby name selection.


Cool baby names that start with K

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The popularity of the name Kaden has sparked an interest in other cool baby names that start with the strong letter K. What's out there beyond old classics like Kent and Katherine? Fortunately, there are plenty of gems, both old and new.  


Baby names from your makeup bag

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Have you got that feeling like the perfect baby name is right at the tip of your tongue? You might be more right than you thought. Join us as we dig through your makeup bag and find tons of gorgeous names — for both boys and girls.


Hot baby names that are trending right now

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Looking for a new and unusual baby name? Check out those that are just beginning to trend. You can be the first among your fellow expectant parents to choose a name that will stand apart from the current crowd.


British baby names in honor of Winston Churchill

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Madam, all babies look like me. ~Winston Churchill

April 9 is National Winston Churchill Day, marking the day that President Kennedy made the former British Prime Minister an honorary citizen of the United States. Check out our roundup of baby names based on the life of “The Greatest Briton of All Time.” 


Rebellious baby names

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Looking for a baby name that's a bit on the wild side? Check out these baby names, perfect for the little rebel in your life.


Baby names inspired by Italian cuisine

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Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, a huge plate of pasta might make your mouth water or your stomach turn. Next time you find yourself craving marinara-drenched noodles, remember that baby name inspiration lurks everywhere.

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