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Japanese baby names for boys and girls

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The island nation of Japan has a long and brilliant history -- and a slew of super cute baby names to boot. If you originally hail from Japan, are adopting a Japanese baby or just love names like Haro and Mori, read on!


Best names for January babies

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Will you kick off the New Year with a new baby? January babies are so special and deserve an extra-special baby name. And we have just the inspiration for you!


Baby names to avoid: The biggest scandals of 2014

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Even the most beloved baby names can become tainted by public scandals. You looked forward to naming your son Bill or William…  and then the Bill Cosby rumors surface. Or you fell in love with the name June but Mama June Shannon decides to start dating a man who molested her daughter. Were any of your potential baby names affected by one of 2014's top scandals?


17 Baby names that are banned around the world

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When it comes to baby names, anything goes, right? Not necessarily. Some countries have actually banned certain words from being used as names. When you see these names, your question won't be, "Why have these names been banned?" but rather, "Why would anyone ever want to give such a name to a child?"


Forbidden baby names

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Thanks to the Bible, history and pop culture, there are some baby names that should not make your short list. While you might really like the way a name sounds or just want to protest the forbidden status of a name, it's not fair to your child to saddle him with one of these unwelcome monikers.


City-inspired names from across the U.S.

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Where did you grow up? Meet your partner? Go to college? Visit your grandparents' farm? City names from our pasts can bring us to the next stop on our journey — welcoming our babies into the world.


Baby names inspired by Back to the Future

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The year 2015 has finally arrived. I remember being a young kid watching Back to the Future II, feeling like 2015 was forever away. I would be in my 30s! I would be old! I would probably have kids! And a job! But at least the flying cars would be pretty swell.


Is it okay to reuse an honor name?

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You were all set to honor Aunt Jane, but your brother and sister-in-law beat you to the punch. Now what? Is it okay to give your baby the same honor name?


Majestic baby names from the animal kingdom

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Don't worry, we haven't gone off the celebrity noun name deep end. Our list focuses on baby names with animal meanings — subtle, muted ties to their qualities. Mostly. We threw in a few unconventional choices. Did your favorite animal make our list?


Super sweet baby girl names with a double S

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Double S names make us think of the 1990s, when every other girl was named Melissa or Vanessa and Clarissa explained it all. Let's give this trend a 21st century spin and put the double S back in sassy — check out our top 50 super-sweet baby girl names.


Orthodox baby names for boys and girls

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In 2014, Orthodox Christmas falls on Jan. 7, and the Orthodox New Year is Jan. 14. In honor of these beautiful holidays, we've compiled a list of Orthodox baby names for boys and girls.

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