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Baby girl names inspired by classical composers

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When you think of classical composers, what names come to mind? Likely boy, boy and more boy. So what to do if you love classical music and are expecting a baby girl? Don't worry, you won't have to resort to Ludwiga or She-Wolfgang. We pored over 12 centuries of classical composers to bring you a musical pile of names that is all girl.


Tyler Perry-inspired baby names for boys and girls

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You can't turn on the Oprah Winfrey Network without seeing a Tyler Perry promotion. The actor, director, producer and songwriter is one of the highest paid men in entertainment, and his enormous body of work inspires some fantastic baby name ideas, like these:


Baby names from famous Hitchcock films

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The suspense thriller genre was defined by Alfred Hitchcock. The British film director directed more than 50 films over a span of 60 years, and his fascinating characters provide outstanding baby name inspiration for movie buffs. 


Common vs. trendy baby names: What's the difference?

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Parents often say they want a unique baby name, one that isn't common or trendy. But what exactly makes a baby name common or trendy? What's the difference? Let's break it down.


Famous baby names from the Guinness Book of World Records

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In 2015, the Guinness Book of World Records will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its first published edition. In its honor, we bring you baby names inspired by some of the most outrageous record holders.


Baby names for wallflowers

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We can't know our children's personalities before birth, which presents a challenge when looking for a suitable name. What if we choose something all wrong? If your introverted ways give you reason to suspect your wee baby will grow into a wallflower, we have a few ideas for unassuming monikers.


Good-looking baby names for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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Did you ever wonder what Barbie and Ken's baby would look like? It looks like we'll find out soon — when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' genetically blessed offspring arrives. The gorgeous Hollywood couple is expecting their first child together, and we've lined up some perfect baby names for them:


Modern spins on old-fashioned names

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Looking for ways to refresh some family heirloom names that don't quite fit in 21st century classrooms? Updating them to please modern ears can be challenging. Check out these techniques for transforming old-fashioned baby names into contemporary beauties.


Bad baby names from the FBI's Most Wanted list

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One of the FBI's Most Wanted since 2011, Johnny Benjamin Napier was finally captured on Nov. 21, 2014. Certainly, when Napier's parents named their baby boy back in 1959, they never imagined the direction his life would take. A heinous child molester is not the first image that comes to mind upon hearing the name "Johnny Benjamin." Sadly, despite their attractive monikers, bad guys walk among us committing terrible crimes.


Can a name really affect my child's future?

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Parents devote enormous amounts of energy to choosing the right baby name, weighing the pros and cons of just the right amount of unusual without taking it too far. But how important is this choice in the grand scheme of things? Can the name you choose actually impact your child's future? We sifted through some of the latest research to help you make sense of the statistics.


Sparkling baby names inspired by jewelers

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We see their wares on celebrities walking the red carpet — jewelry so expensive it's merely borrowed. But these luxurious baby names, inspired by the world's top jewelers, are for keeps. Will you invest in one of these unique high-society names for your precious jewel?

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