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Yearbook baby names 2014: Weird but true

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What's up with kids' names these days? Are their parents really bad spellers?  Do they not care that their children will be saddled with a confusing name for life?  As I scrolled through the 2013-14 elementary and high school yearbooks for our tiny rural community, I was struck by the insane number of spelling variations of names, the is-that-kid-a-boy-or-a-girl frequency of unisex names and the liberties many parents took in simply creating a name that we'd spend the next 12 years trying to pronounce. Take a look for yourself:


Create Your Own Baby Name

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Roy and Nikki were expecting their first child when they drove through the town of Hazen, Pennsylvania. Inspired by the sound of it, they made a slight alteration and named their newborn daughter, Cazen. More and more parents are steering clear of the Top 100 Baby Names of the Year and creating their own unique baby name. If you’re such a parent, roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap and find out how to create your own baby name!


Outlaw names for baby boys

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Gunslingers. Bootleggers. Bank robbers. While definitely not the life you'd choose for your son, we think you should give their names a try.


Bavarian baby names to rock Oktoberfest

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You might be too pregnant to care about the Oktoberfest shenanigans going on in Munich right now, but you've still got five days to join in the fun with these great Bavarian baby names inspired by Oktoberfest!


Laugh out loud baby names inspired by comedians

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Does your baby already have a keen sense of comedic timing in utero? Somehow they always seem to find the most ridiculous moment to press the bladder or activate morning sickness. Laugh it off with a baby name inspired by the comedy scene.


Beyond Lily: Fresh flower names for baby girls

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Violet is the new Lily, but what will be the new Violet? We've gone through an entire garden center's worth of options to find a fresh selection of flower names for baby girls.


Baby boy names with the most nicknames

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Will that name you are choosing for your baby boy grow with him into manhood? Does that professional name you have picked out for his future suit him on the playground? Get the best of both worlds by choosing a baby boy name with lots of nicknames.


Baby girl names with the most nicknames

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If it's getting down to the wire and you still aren't sure what you want to call your sweet baby girl, might we recommend a name loaded with nickname options?


Baby names that made the greatest leap last year

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Worried your favorite obscure baby name is about to get trendy? Check out this list of baby names for boys and girls that made the greatest leap in popularity last year.


Great song names with "Baby" in the title

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When you've got a baby-to-be on the way, there is little else on your mind. Everything you read, watch and listen to reminds you that a precious bundle of joy is soon to arrive. Since you already have baby on the brain, why not chill out to some of these beloved musical hits that feature "baby" in the song title? Who knows — you just may find the inspiration you need for your baby's name.


NHL baby names

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Hockey fans worldwide know their players as if they were family. Babyhold rounded up some of the greatest hockey players of all time (along with an honorable mentions list of the best of 2014) to create this list of NHL-inspired baby names. (Or you could skip the details and just name your son Stanley!)

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