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The name Tanesha is a baby girl name. The name Tanesha comes from the African origin. In African The meaning of the name Tanesha is: Born on Monday.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: African
Meaning: Born on Monday.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.35 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 36

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written by Tanesha C., September 27, 2007
I also think that Tanesha is a good name. Even though I do not know very many people with this name....But I still like it!!!1
written by TJ, November 28, 2007
I Like the name but what if you replace the e with a y. Tanysha
written by Amber V, December 05, 2007
I am thinking about the name but what if it was spelled with an i: Tanisha!?
written by T.Chandler, December 11, 2007
My name is Thanisha. Still means the same thing.
written by Tanasha , January 11, 2008
well, tanasha sounds better than tanesha,
written by Tenesha, January 19, 2008
My name is Tenesha and this is the way my parents spell my names and i didn't know what it means
i like tanasia betta
written by amanda4kenny, February 23, 2008
ive been thinkin bout namin my baby gurl Tanasia...well when i have one!!!
written by Tanisha, February 24, 2008
If you're going to name your child "Tanisha", please make sure people pronounce it the correct way. My name has been said the wrong way all my life. It's pronounced....Tanisha - /Tah-ne-shu/ not /Tu-ne-shu/ or /Te-ne-shu
How about Taneshia?
written by Taneshia, March 21, 2008
My name is spelled TANESHIA and is pronounced Ta-ne-she-a. Its kinda different. I like the spelling and the extra syllable.
The name Tanesha........
written by Teanisha, May 22, 2008
My name is Teanisha, but it's also diffenrt,because the way u pronunced, Tea/nisha...but everyone calls me Tanisha
Here's a another way to spell it...
written by Tinisha , August 16, 2008
My name is Tinisha.Alot of people call me TI-nIsh-a, Tu-n-I-sh-a,Tye-nea-sh-a,etc... The list goes on. My name is prounounced Tih-nea-sh-a.
written by Tynesha, July 15, 2009
My name is Tynesha [tie-nee-sha]. Similar, but not exact. People always call me [tuh-nee-shuh] UGH! haha
written by Tuenesha Cartwright, January 09, 2010
hello to all fellow neshas. its unique, and i was born on a monday, so i love my name.
Name Meaning
written by Tynesha , February 10, 2010
Does the meaning of my name change because it is spelled Tynesha

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