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The name Alexandria is a baby girl name. The name Alexandria comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Alexandria is: Feminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Feminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind.
Expression number: 8
SoulUrge Number: 8
Average Visitor Rating: 4.44 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 51

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From Alex's point of view :P
written by Alexandria Gabrielle., January 03, 2008
This is my name. I like it. There's a lot you can do with it. You could go by Alex, Andrea, Alexis, or just Alexandria. And it's always nice to have options! Haha.

Alex sounds kind of tomboy-ish while Alexandria sounds sophisticated. So it can fit a lot of personalities! :D
written by alexdfghjk, February 13, 2008
thats my name and being the defender of mankind sounds soo cool! and i love that its pretty genuine
written by Alexandria KB, February 17, 2008
This is my name. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE IT. It is an amazing name that can have hundereds of nicknames. I currently have five that different people call me.
written by ALY B., February 24, 2008
i luv my name it is toally awsome. I fit the definition Perfectly " the defender of men" awsome.Plus it has alot of nicknames.the only problem is when i was in school guys called me Alexander the great.
my babys name
written by cassandra a, March 11, 2008
my little girls has this name and when i was looking this up it happens to mean the same thing as mine. i love this name me "cassandra" and xandria are both vergos and she was born the day after my 23 bithday
My name ROCKS!
written by Alexandria Paige, July 10, 2008
I love my name. Most people call me Alley, my mom calls me Zaney and my aunt calls me Al-Pal... this name is the best EVER!

And, if you wanna know a weird story, here's the truth...

Before I knew the English definition of my name I had always been interested in finding ways to conserve the environment and aid those less fortunate... this hasn't slowed me one bit!
written by L.J., January 29, 2010
I absolutly LOVE this name; have loved it for a long time! It is so beautiful, I will definetly name my first daughter this. But I'll probly spell it differently to be unique. ...maybe Alixandria...
I don't reallly enjoy the name Alexandria
written by Alexandria, March 17, 2010
My name is Alexandria. Most of my friends call me Andi or Alex. Which i don't like Alex because i hate having a bisexual name (Alex not alexandria) Meaning is awesome but i was very mad at my parents when i was young because they had everyone call me Alex. Too bisexual i hate Alex. So if your deciding on this name please call them something other than Alex, they might thank you in the future :) haha
written by Emily, July 02, 2010
well im still young but love looking at new names.. i had a baby class in school one time and we had to pick names... in the future my childs names are gonna be... if it goes according to plan :p...

Alixandria Jean
Graciana Jean
Landon James
my moms middle name is jean and my dads james
my little one
written by tonya, August 03, 2010
We choose not to know the sex of our last child since we had one of each already we were prepared with clothing for either. We both loved the names Alexander and Alexandria so we call the baby Alex til she was born so we werent saying it! When she came out an Alexandria Belle we were so excited and we now call her Lexi or Lexi-Belle or Bella or Belly Bear, but we wanted a strong name like alexandria if she wanted to grow up and have a big titled job and a name were she could also have a cute fun nickname! but there are many, andria alex lexi alexi sooo many! good luck!
written by natasha manka, August 14, 2010
It's also on our name list for a girl! It's strong, beautiful and classic! [but not in a boring way...more like an artsy way]

LOVE it in the combo Gianna Alexandria. I met one and LOVE it!

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