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The name Amy is a baby girl name. The name Amy comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Amy is: Beloved.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Beloved.
Expression number: 3
SoulUrge Number: 8
Average Visitor Rating: 4.27 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 96

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fallen angel Amy
written by richard58, January 26, 2008
My 5yr old daughter's name is Amy. I found out yesterday from a strange woman that Amy is the name of a male fallen angel cast out of heaven and now of some second sphere. The information was disturbing to say the least
Names, names, nick-names
written by Amelia, January 29, 2008
My mom gave all 3 of my sisters long names so that when we are younger we can have nick-names and when we get older we can use our original names. Mine, is Amelia, my friends call me Amy. My younger sister, Galidiral ((off of Lord of the Rings)) we call her Ali, or Alison. Along with Emily, we call her Emma. Then there is Sarah, the oldest, we call her Sar. Anyways, hope i gave you a good idea about names...

Amy needs a new meaning
written by AmyG1993, February 03, 2008
I really like my name... it works for me...but sometimes i wish the meaning was different, you know? like i wish it stood for something cool like 'butterfly, or cloud-watcher' or something really hippy-like. Lol.
Amy Is A Totally Cool Name! (AIATCN...LOL)
written by AmyROX123, February 09, 2008
Amy is a really cute, short name. My BFF says they wish their name was Amy. I'm lucky it is. My BFF sometimes calls me Ammy (pronouced : Eh-mey) for fun. I abosulutey ♥ (love) my name!!
I love my name!!
written by Ami, February 13, 2008
Ithink I love my name so much because it is so short and it makes up for my 12 letter last name.
written by Amziiy, February 15, 2008
My name is the best.Its so common thats what makes it so good. I love my name because it means im loved( not that i always am) but its a great name but i do wish it could be that bit longa
there is no fallen angel....
written by Amy Rebecca, February 18, 2008
There is no faLLEN ANGELin the bible called Amy, I know the bible very well, whoever told you that definately doesn't know what they are talking about, maybe they didn't like a girl named Amy and are bitter
written by Amie, February 19, 2008
Well I dont think my name Amy even suits me. Well its actually Amy-Lea but yeah. I spell it Amie now, I really disagree on having this name. Like Amy 1970 said, its really lame. I know what she means about having TOO many Amy's in the world. I had 6 in my class, there were just too many!!!
Amy rocks!
written by Mother of Amy, February 20, 2008
I chose to call my daughter Amy because I want her to always remember that she will be forever loved. I think it is beautiful and original that a three letter word can express an emotion as strong and as pure as love. On my part, I will have no trouble explaining to my daughter why I gave her that name. I can only hope she will appreciate it as much as I do.
YAY for all of the Amy's of the world!
written by Ami Kennedy, March 12, 2008
I love my name b/c it suits me. It is short, sweet and beautiful! That is me!
The meaning is lovely! I chose to spell my name Ami in the 6th grade and I am now 31. It stuck and I love it!
Embrace your name and make all of the Amy's of the world proud!
We are beloved!

A fellow Ami! (Amy)

Ami NeCole Kennedy
Once in Love with Amy
written by MrsAmy bella75, March 23, 2008
Amy is the greatest name. I am Blessed to have it as my name. When I was a baby, my grandfather used to always sing "Once in Love with Amy." Till this day (Iam 32 yrs old), I still cry when I hear people sing that song. Amy is thee perfect name: short, sweet & to the point!!! :)
My sis
written by Kimberly, April 24, 2008
my sister is Amy... I think its a ok name.. I think it's too short plus I think all little girls should have a longer name so she can have a nick-name. However... my sister has the same middle name as me so I call her Amy May... i think it sounds better than "Amy"
written by Paige Katelynne, July 02, 2008
My sisters name is Amy. When she was in school she had lots of others with the same name. Most people called her Monkeyy for short. She definatly suits the definition but shes a bit of a rebel herself. She gets into trouble constantly haha. Her middle name is Jade. I think this is a good combination :D
Original Origin
written by Amy, July 11, 2008
Actually the original origin is Latin for the name Amy, with a 'y'. The french version has an 'i' on the end and means 'friend' (I studied french, not to mention my neighbor was from France and cleared my confusion on the comment left earlier). My mother was raised Roman Catholic and chose my name because of its origin and she wanted me to know that I was extremely loved, and would always be loved. Growing up I would have loved a different, longer name, but as time went on, and I discovered the true meaning and why she chose it, I couldn't ask for a better name.
written by amy, December 19, 2009
i love my name, although i didnt when i was younger, im 30 now, but when i was younger my sisters rebecca and samantha could always find things with their names on on holidays and places we visited,they never done anything Amy... now i have the same problem with my 6 year old Louise.. but i love my name now...
my name
written by amy, July 27, 2010
I love my name! I agree, there were WAY too many Amy's in the 70's. fortunately there were only a few others in my grade

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