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The name Ashton is a baby boy name. The name Ashton comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Ashton is: From the town with ash trees.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: English
Meaning: From the town with ash trees.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.60 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 62

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I am a Girl!!
written by Ashton Glidewell, February 23, 2008
My mother also got my name from the movie North and South. I love how unique my name is. I have never met another girl ashton. I AM A GIRL AND I LOVE MY NAME
I'm an ash also !!!
written by Ashton Martin, February 25, 2008
I am 18 years of age and as a small child I did not like my name. As I became older I came to apperciate my name and how unique it was. Also i get a lot of comments like did your mom name you after the car "aston martin".
My precious little girl!
written by Robin Carr, February 28, 2008
I just thought of Ashton one day. We were trying to choose a name that was closest to my husband's name, who is Ashley. Ashton sounds very distinctive and unique. She is a sweet, little red-headed girl and she knows she is very special. I absolutely love this name for a little girl!
written by Lee Sin, March 13, 2008
Ashton is my daughter's name..I was a gone with the wind fan and loved Ashley but it was a boys name so I came up with the name Ashton Paige, then North & South came out & the girl was Ashton. She has been the only Ashton I have ever known until Ashton Kutcher came along. My daughter will be 20 in May, She is absolutely beautiful, She has many Ashley friends an enjoys being Different.
written by Katie, April 30, 2008
Ashton is a boys name!! Grr why is everyone turning strong and lovely boys names into feminine names. Its frustrating...
its mixed
written by charlene, May 29, 2008
my daughter is also ashton when i heard this name a family friend had a daughter called ashton and i loved that much when i had my daughter 8 yrs later i named her this beatiful name. some people do assume shes a boy but shes obviously not
written by Kristin, June 05, 2008
My little sister's name is Ashton and she didnt like it when she was young but now she loves it. She's 21 now and has never gone to school with another Ashton so she never had to add her last name she was always just Ashton. Even in her college she is the only Ashton!
my name.. I am a girl!
written by Rebecca, June 19, 2008
my mother apparently watched to much to TV she claims she found it on Dallis. it was my middle name, now as i am older i use it as my first name, and the name of my company
To Katie
written by April, July 02, 2008
Hello Katie,

My name is April Mae. My cousin's name is Ashton.
She is very beautiful, and I think Ashton is the
most beautiful name for a girl. I actually think
Ashton is a terrible boys name, no offense boys.

I Love My Cousin Very Dearly, so Katie, it can be a girls name.
written by Tiffani, September 24, 2008
I have always loved the name ashton for a boy. infact thats exactly what i named my first son. that was the only name me and his father could agree on. after picking the name i have heard of so many girls with that name althogh i don't like that my son has a so called unisex name i wouldn't change it for anything.
love this name
written by leonie, June 10, 2009
i named my son this last year, i love it soo much, when i was pregnant i went over sooo many names but this is the only one that sounded right and stuck! and i feel it suits my boy so well as he has lots of curly hair and just adds to his fantastic character!
This is one of my best friends names, and he is a boy
written by The Commenter, January 24, 2010
Ummm idk why so many girls are named ashton because that is a boy name :/
written by fleur britton, July 20, 2010
i like the name ashton. im expecting a baby boy in september, i will consider it greatly. i think its more a boys name than a girls 2 b honest.

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