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The name Benjamin is a baby boy name. The name Benjamin comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Benjamin is: Right-hand son. Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob in the Bible. Famous Bearer: Dr. Benjamin Spock.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Right-hand son. Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob in the Bible. Famous Bearer: Dr. Benjamin Spock.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 6
Average Visitor Rating: 4.44 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 90

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Little boys named Ben
written by Gage, November 16, 2007
I always thought boys named Ben were hot.
favorite names
written by benjamin, December 27, 2007
i have always loved the name Benjamin. Maybe because I had a uncle Ben that was the kindest, loving, and giving person I have ever known. He was my father I never had. He treated me like I was his own even though he had six children of his own. When I had my first son at forty-two years old, Benjamin, of course was his chosen name. I also have never known a Ben that was not a nice, kind, and respected person.
written by Ben, January 04, 2008
Ben is a great, strong name!
Baby Ben
written by Misti with an i, January 30, 2008
My son's name is Benjamin. It's a good solid name. We call him Ben. It fits him to a T. Such a cute little boy name!!!
written by Mom of 5, February 19, 2008
I have a 5 year old Benjamin and I love the name. He is a very cute and very sweet boy (and I know this because I have 2 other boys that haven't always been as sweet as my Benjamin!). The only thing that actually bugs me is that people assume that they can just call him Ben, although we always call him Benjamin, which is what he prefers.

I now only name my children names that aren't easily nicknamed...
We call my son Benjamin
written by Anne, March 10, 2008
I have a 16 month old named Benjamin. Right after he was born, I wanted to call him Ben and my husband wanted to call him Benjamin. So we started out calling him Benjamin, and I said we could shorten it later on if we want to. Now it just fits him- everyone else calls him that, too. I couldn't think of calling him Ben. There are a lot of boys with the name Ben, but not as many Benjamins.
the name Benjamin
written by Benjamin, March 13, 2008
i always thought Benjamin was a good name people always called me Ben, but my family called me Benjamin.
written by KeiraK, March 16, 2008
Ben or Benni or Benjamin are all awesome names. My boyfriend is called Benni, and he is the best. He is kind and loving and sweet and gorgeous, so, if you are looking for a name for the purrrrfect boy, this is definately the best name. Benjamin's are always gentlemen....
written by christina, July 12, 2008
cutest name.
i love it.
written by olivia , October 13, 2008
what middle name can go with Benjamin?
written by JKP, October 20, 2008
My son's name is Benjamin Edward (the name Edward has been in daddy's family for five generations, so it only made sense to carry it on). We named him that by default because it was the only name that was on my list and my husband's list of possible boy names. It was second on each list.

I didn't think at the time about it being Biblical and meaning "son of my joy", but it turns out it was very appropriate since my first name is Joy.

I like it because it's obviously masculine. It's a strong name that isn't too common, but isn't unusual either. It's a good solid name for a boy. I don't go for the nicknames, though. He is either Benjamin or Ben. I don't like Benji or any variation of Benny. He doesn't either, which I'm glad for. I've trained him right. lol
written by Norman, July 07, 2009
Me and my wife both like the name Benjamin, and for a middle name we are going with Lee...Everyone we know likes it and cant wait for him to be born..We had other names in mind but we couldn't get pass this one..
written by Olivia Karn, October 08, 2009
My brothers name is Benjamin Thomas. I've always thought he had a very nice name. I think Benjamin and Thomas fit wonderfully together. (:
boys named benjamin
written by bethany, November 09, 2009
i think boys named Benjamin are hot i dont know sumthin bout that name just makes me think they would be a good person and very good looking :D
written by emily, August 15, 2010
my boyfriends name is i went to google and is searching for cute ben/benjamin nick names! i think i may go with...benj or benji:)
written by Alan, September 05, 2010
My son is Benjamin, Ben in normal conversation, Benj/Benji in frivolous conversation and BENJAMIN when he's been bad!

Benjamin has several possible etymological meanings (though all are Hebrew after Biblical Jacobs 12th son). The most common interpretation is "Son of the Right Hand" and personally, I can't imagine a better person than a Ben to protect my right side!

The name can also mean "Son of the South", referring to Rachel (Jacob's wife) birthing Ben in Canaan while their other sons were born in in Aram to the north. (Which suits, our Ben was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in the South Island, whilst our daughter was born in the North Island).

Benjamin can also mean "son of my pain" referring to Rachel dieing in childbirth. Personally I don't like that interpretation.

All-in-all, I love the name Benjamin as much as I love my son. We had several names "picked" before his birth, but when he popped out he was definately a Ben from minute 1.

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