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The name Blake is a baby boy name. The name Blake comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Blake is: Light; dark.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Light; dark.
Expression number: 4
SoulUrge Number: 6
Average Visitor Rating: 4.54 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 50

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blake can be a boys or a girls name
written by phoebe, February 10, 2008
i have an uncle blake and a cousin blake, just watch Gossip Girl and the main character's name in real life is Blake Lively, and she's a girl
written by Blake : ), February 18, 2008
I'm a girl named Blake! Some people mistake it for a boys name but its never been that big of a problem. I'm just glad my name is different and sets me apart from most people where i live.
about my Blake
written by Rachel H., March 01, 2008
My husband's name is Blake and I would definitely name my future children Blake whether its a boy or girl! I think it suits both genders very well!!
written by Emma Lynn, March 16, 2008
Yeah you should think of your child, But it is a really cool name and it is both. I mean yes it will be confused with guys names but that's cool.
Baby boy
written by jessicalaree, March 21, 2008
My son is Blake. I love the name. I also liked it for a girl. I had another named picked for him if he was a girl. But I do like Blake for a girl or a boy!!
i like it
written by Tyler, March 22, 2008
consider spelling it Blayke too.
i think its a pretty name
I love Blake!
written by Carrie, April 05, 2008
I absolutely love the names Blake for a boy or a girl. I am expecting. We don't know the sex yet but either way the name will be Blake. I need help finding middle names for both sexes. If you have an suggestions PLEASE HELP.
written by blayke, April 27, 2008
I am a girl and my name is Blayke but you say it the same. I love my name!!! at first people would say you have a boy name and i would just say yeah i know isn't it cool? then they would think about it and say yeah it really is!!! and in class the teacher would say is mr. blayke here and i didn't care i would just laugh it was so funny and some people would say is blaykey here and every one in the class thought it was so funny, at first i thought they were laughing at me but i figured out they were laughing at the teacher for being so dumb!!! teehee well i just wanted to share that. THE NAME BLAYKE ROCKS!!!
its a boys name!
written by Angela, May 09, 2008
I love the name Blake. Such a strong name for a boy!
Blake for a girl
written by Elizabeth Beller, August 10, 2008
I am considering naming my first child Blake if it’s a boy or girl. I never knew of a boy named Blake until the Am. Idol Blake Lewis, but I grew up knowing an absolutely gorgeous, sweet and intelligent girl named Blake. She was (and prob. still is) the perfect all American girl.

my daughter
written by elisabeth, September 13, 2008
my daughter is named Blake. She is eight and has two little sister and two little brothers. she is very much the leader. very outspoken and very protective of them. i think its a perfect girls name, its my husbands middle name. and i love to idea of girls with boy names. i just love it. i once knew a girl named austin. she was an amazing person. name your little girl blake. she will love it, and you won't regret it.
k. adalyn blake (last name)
written by Bree, June 15, 2009
okayyyy i wuz going 2 have my future baby boys middle name be blake but i changed it to the girls instead. so cute and unique.
written by Sarah, June 14, 2010
Im planning on naming my boy First name: Jasper Middle name: Blake!!!
My Daughter
written by Seydi, September 06, 2010
My maiden name is Blake and since there was nobody to pass on the last name I really wanted to pass it on to my children. I had Blake picked for either a boy or a girl. My fathers name is Allena so it was Blake Allen for a boy and my sisters name is Alexis so it was Blayke Alexis for a girl. I added the "y" because my name Seydi (sadie) is spelled uniquely. people are always assuming she is a boy even dressed fully in pink! But i LOVE her name and that her full name means so much. Blayke after me Alexis after my sister and mine and my husbands last name!

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