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The name Cadence is a baby girl name. The name Cadence comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Cadence is: Variant of Cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Variant of Cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds.
Expression number: 8
SoulUrge Number: 11
Average Visitor Rating: 4.57 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 46

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written by sharla, October 21, 2007
i named my little girl cadence rayne in 2006 meaning rythem queen
written by Kristen :-), January 31, 2008
I like this name. It's really kind of cool actually because I think it has more than one origin.
written by Holli, February 14, 2008
I named my little girl kaydence kohl I thought it was unique
written by MommyJessica, February 24, 2008
I am naming my daughter Kaidence Lavonne. I have had the name picked out for 5 years. It's beautiful.
written by Tessa, May 07, 2008
We're naming our daughter Cadence Grace
written by heather , June 19, 2008
My 3 yr old's name is Kadence Adriana N'cole, all my family thought it was corny, but I love the name Kadence. Her daddy liked Adriana N'cole, but I just had to have Kadence in there.
written by jordyn , July 22, 2008
i absolutely adore this name.
im pregnant with my first child and i plan to name her Cadence Lyn.
i think it`s beautiful
written by Linda Kenyon, August 20, 2008
I'm due in 3 weeks and this is going to be my baby girls first name...her father and I are both musical and we think the name will fit her perfectly!
My future child.
written by hallie , September 18, 2008
I love this name. I like the spelling as..Caidence though.
As soon as my daughter gets here I plan on naming her Caidence Brielle Raelyn OR Caidence Brielle Raine.
My absolute favorite name
written by Jackie, July 05, 2009
One day when I have my baby girl I've been dreaming of my whole life, I plan to name her Kaydense Lilly. I like to spell it Kaydense because I love the name Katie with a K and if I spelled it Cadance or Cadense it would be Caty or Cady. Kaydense Lilly is so beautiful and her name would mean rhythmic beauty or rhythmic innocence
Cadence Makena
written by Gretchen Probst, July 08, 2009
I named my little girl Cadence Makena--I was a marching band teacher while she was in the belly and she would kick along--IN RHYTHM--to the drum cadence. Makena is after a town in Maui my husband and I visited, and pronounced the Hawaiian way. It fits her perfectly--rhythmic and abundantly happy. :)
Caidence Brooke
written by Alyssa, December 20, 2009
We too fell in love with the name "Cadence" from American wedding! My husband and I wanted "C" names and I was hesitant about the usual spelling. We named our little girl Caidence Brooke and call her Caidey. I know she will have to spell it out to people when she first meets them in life, but one minute of knowing her, "Caidey" completely fits her personality and I don't think it will be a problem!
future girl?
written by Kelsey, March 04, 2010
i just stumbled upon this name this evening when i was with my "significant other" he was talking about wanting a baby and i didn't think i was ready but when i am i will definitely consider this name for sure, he is in the army as well so when he's gone he will still be there in a sense.
Cadence with a K and a Y
written by Brittany, March 23, 2010
I named my little girl Cadence but decided I didn't want it to be spelled like everyone elses. So me and my husband agreed on spelling it Kaydence. We had her 3 weeks ago and named her Kaydence Ashlynn.
Cadence...Cadee for short!
written by Natalie, September 09, 2010
My daughter's name is Cadence Elyse Nichole...She's 9 yrs old and yes...I too...HAD to name my daughter Cadence! We call her Cadee for short. "JACKIE": To your comment above...Dont spell it with a "dense" on the end. Nobody should have that word in their name! LOL!

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