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The name Caroline is a baby girl name. The name Caroline comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Caroline is: Joy. Song of happiness. Also feminine variant of Charles: manly.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Joy. Song of happiness. Also feminine variant of Charles: manly.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 4.53 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 113

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Thank you
written by Joy and Bill Miller, September 15, 2007
Thank you so much we have finally decided what to name our baby. This site has been a huge help. Thank you again.
written by Colby, February 12, 2008
My daughter is named Caroline. I get more compliments on her name. People always stop for a second after I tell them her name and then they say OH, (like it's a name they don't hear often)what a beautiful name......hey if Jackie O and Princess Grace named their daughters wrong can you go?
written by -, February 16, 2008
sweet caroline...(8)
written by Caroline, March 14, 2008
I use to hate my name growing up, but growing older I have learned to love my name because it is so unique.
Sweet Caroline
written by Caroline, March 19, 2008
I love my name!Whenever I tell people my name, they always sing, "Sweet Caroline." My older cousin got married last summer and her name was Caroline. They played that song at the wedding reception.
I wish all the Carolines in the world would meet up at a stadium, and then they would play that wonderful song!
If we have a girl...
written by Me, March 21, 2008
If we ever have a girl, this will be her name. She will be named after my sister who passed away 10 years ago. I love it, and love the meaning. You don't hear it a lot,and it sounds timeless, not trendy.
written by AbigailM, May 08, 2008
My sister's name is Caroline, and she loves it, we both have rather old fasioned names and I think that is great.
i love the name
written by caroline, October 09, 2008
i love my name Caroline .. its so unique and i definitely agree to the previous Carol who said if we could all meet. just hearing my name makes me feel special I love it, and love the meaning not trendy. its wonderful
written by Cari Hale , November 01, 2009
My names Caroline, but everyone calls me Cari. I think names that are old fashioned look and sound a lot better. Personally, Jacqueline looks a lot more sophisticated that Jaclyn.
written by Alyssa Caroline Amato, January 19, 2010
My middle name is Caroline and i love it so much... i got it from my great grandmother who's middle name was Carolina
written by kreder, March 31, 2010
I'm French. My daughter, now 18, is called like that. You have to pronounce it Ca-ro-leen, not lyne. It's a very classical name in France but not so common now and I still love it but everyone calls her Caro (even me now!) and I don't like that nickname. The "o" at the end is hard contrarily to the -line in the entire name, so I hope you will not use that nickname. Do you have another one to suggest, and not Carole, that I hate? Note that my daughter is so used to be called Caro that she told me a few days ago that she found it strange when I said Caroline!

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