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The name Cora is a baby girl name. The name Cora comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Cora is: Maiden.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Maiden.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.69 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 34

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That's My Name!
written by Kora, September 22, 2007
That's my name! Exept mine's a w/ a K. I cant find any names w/ a K for kora. it sucks. try it out u soon-to-be mommys! we need more KORAS!!!!
Beautiful name
written by Brianne Gale, December 06, 2007
I think the name is absolutely beautiful. I saw it on a movie called "Music and Lyrics". I anticipated spelling my childs name with a K as well because well, I just love the letter K!
my name too!
written by Cora, December 26, 2007
I've always loved my name, and not having to share it with many! I think names effect parsonality and characteristics, even teh spelling! i've never met a Kora or a Cora but i love them both!!
my name
written by Cora, January 01, 2008
honestly,I hate my name.I think it's pretty but I just don't think it suits me. It doesn't match my personality at all. I never call myself Cora, i mostly just use my initials
It`s special
written by Cora, January 26, 2008
well, i`m a Cora too. and i think it`s the most wonderful name my parents could have given me. I believe that part of my personality revolves by simply having this name:D
The Prettiest Name
written by Coras mum, February 10, 2008
I called my little girl Cora and didn't tell anyone that we had it in mind. everyone loves it and we always get lovely comments cause it's so unusual. I love the fact she'll be the only Cora in her class when she starts school. When we registered her birth we were told there had only been 4 Coras in the last 6 years!
I love it!
written by Isabel, February 12, 2008
I found the name Cora on a list of Victorian names. I've been searching for a girls name because I have my boys name and I wanted something unique. Her name will be Cora Lynn, Lynn after her grandma. I think it's gonna be so beautiful! And grandma loves it too!
written by Gunda, February 15, 2008
love love love Cora - I have an Ella already and 10 years ago when I picked her name it wasn't popular just and old pretty name and Cora is also that. Plus they are both 4 letter names which I like - easy to say - easy to spell.
Love It
written by Yo, February 29, 2008
I named my daughter Cora Catalina and love it. I loved Cora from when I read the Last of the Mohicans.
written by Sara D Kinlaw, May 23, 2008
My daughter's name is Kora and we love it!! It is a great old fashioned name with a little update.
Kora with a "K"
written by Ashly, October 16, 2008
My 4 yr old daughter's names is Kora and she gets lots of compliments. I think it looks cute spelled with a "K".
My heart
written by catie McDade, March 08, 2010
That name Cora is a very special name. It means Heart & that is just what my Cora is to me. My heart!

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