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The name Faith is a baby girl name. The name Faith comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Faith is: Faithful. A Christian virtue name popular among 16th century Puritans.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Faithful. A Christian virtue name popular among 16th century Puritans.
Expression number: 8
SoulUrge Number: 1
Average Visitor Rating: 4.19 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 149

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written by kelly tucker, March 11, 2008
im going to name my baby bethany faith i think that is pretty
My Grandmother
written by Jenn Zook, March 23, 2008
My grandmother who was a great friend to me passed away recently. Her name was Fay. I would really like to name my daughter Fayth after her.
Another one
written by Faith, March 25, 2008
This is for ms b. My name is also Faith Ellen. How odd to see someone else has both my first and middle name. Especially since I was an adult before I even had heard of anyone with just my first name!
another Faith
written by Faith, March 27, 2008
I think that Faith is a very nice name. my name is Faith. my father wanted to name me Veronika but since my grandmother was liveing her last days she begged him to name me after her, so he did. i love my name. sometimes some of my guy friends make jokes but i just say you guys are jealous.
I'm Faith too!
written by tikka, April 03, 2008
Hey - I love the name Faith - always have!!!!! I always wanted to be unique and growing up noone else that I knew had my name - so I felt kind of special. Now that it's gettig a lot more popular - it's not so special, but I still love the name - it's so pretty! Definitely glad I was named Faith! Wouldn't want it any other way.
written by danielle, April 14, 2008
i have a 1yr old her name is faith Elizabeth, it is the name God gave for me 2yrs before she was conceived. and it symbolizes a promise i was given... Faith being Gods faithfulness to give me a baby and Elizabeth because of my barrenness.I feel the name faith has a lot of relevance in this present age and those of you with the name should be proud to have it!
Maybe another Faith Ellen
written by Kellie, April 20, 2008
When I saw the first post I thought wow someone with the exact name we are think of it must be a sign and then to see a second poster with the same name!! Wow, I don't know if I'm even having a girl or not but I'm loving Faith Ellen!
My Best Friend!
written by Amanda, April 29, 2008
My best friends name is Faith Lois.
It is a very pretty name and she loves her name. and it is a great name for little baby girls.
Avery Faith
written by Ashton, June 26, 2008
My little sister's middle name is Faith and I've always been jealous of it. It's so beautiful. I work as a helper with one of my friends and her mom in a vacation bible school class of 4, 5, and 6 year olds and there's a little girl named Faith in there, and she is the sweetest, prettiest little girl in there. I'm only 13, so I won't be having kids anytime soon, but every since I met that little girl, I've been hoping to name my little girl Faith.
written by cortney, July 24, 2008
I love the name Courtnee Faith for a little girl
Yep... another Faith
written by Brooklyn, August 04, 2008
My middle name is Faith and I love it. My full name is Brooklyn Faith Phillips.... I wouldn't change it for anything, it just flows really well! Everyone I meet is either say how nice it is or asking how to spell it - LOL. No stealing though. Seriously.
written by Sammantha Miller, July 19, 2009
My daughter's name is Bethanni Faith. I love her name I wouldn't change it for anything. It is a very uncommon name. And it is very pretty.
to Kelly Tucker
written by Sammantha Miller, July 19, 2009
Bethanni Faith is a beautiful name that is unique its kinda crazy how you came up with it too. My daughters name was suppose to Beth Ann Faith but I didn't really like it so i added an "i" and got bethanni.
My name is Veronica Faith
written by Veronica Faith Pesson, October 27, 2009
I thought the comment from the Faith whose father wanted to name her Veronika was really ironic since my name is Veronica Faith. I did not know that my first name (Vernica) has a christian meaning also until I was an adult and visited the Vatican Exhibit in Denver. Obviously I'm not catholic!
my miracle
written by vanessa, March 07, 2010
i have a 17 month old lil girl, her name is Faith Erin. i always loved the name Faith and wanted to name my lil girl that. but not only did i get to do it, but it fit perfectly because i didnt know i was having her til i got to the hospital with belly pains. shes definately my lil miracle baby. Faith is perfect.

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