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The name Jade is a baby girl name. The name Jade comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Jade is: The name of a semi-precious stone.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: The name of a semi-precious stone.
Expression number: 11
SoulUrge Number: 6
Average Visitor Rating: 4.35 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 177

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1st born
written by grubby, May 12, 2008
My first born daughters name is Jade ElizaBeth, I love the name and so does she. I believe it reflects beauty and power.
written by Amberly, June 02, 2008
I love this name too Jade Alizabeth White, but my last name is one syllable and I'm afraid it may sound weird at role call, White Jade....Any advice?
written by jade, June 06, 2008
my name is jade, and i love it! its creative, and i dont kn ow anyone else with the name! i like it because no one confuses me with anyone else. i have planty of nicknames, similar to jades, like jadeo, jadums, jadey, jadey-pooh(jadey-poop to my sis, lol)and its wonderful, and original
Jade is unisex
written by angela, July 24, 2008
My sons name is Jade, and he likes it. He is 14 now, and when I named him, I actually named him after a boy I went to high school with. I think it can go either way, like Jody or Terry or Cory
written by jury, July 31, 2008
i love this name too its prettie and short i was thinking the same thing maybe name my child jade,celeste or jaide,
written by Daisy, August 04, 2008
My husband named our SON Jade 29 years ago. Jade has always loved his name and has never had problems with "thats a girls name". I agree and my son agrees too, unisex name.
my name
written by Jade , August 11, 2008
My name is Jade Samantha. I love it. People call me Jada, Jadely, Jaded, Jadafer, and a million other variations. It's a great conversation starter and I get compliments on my name all the time. Thanks dad!
written by Michaela, September 12, 2008
I love the name Jade. I would spell it Jaide though to make it different..It is also a GREAT middle name, it goes with anything. My first daughter is going to be Keira Jade.
Dats My Middle Name
written by Charli, September 24, 2008
I love my middle name Jade.Im going to name my little boy Jayden.
sounds great
written by Nicole, June 05, 2009
Been lookinf for a middle name to my future daughters name - Seirra - I think Sierra Jade is beautiful!
written by Jade, July 16, 2009
My name s Jade LoRai. I used to hate my name because everyone always thought I said Jane or Jake when I would introduce myself or people made fun of me because my name was different. I'm 18 years old now and I absolutely love my name. Many people say its a beautiful name and many of my classmates at my new school said they were jealous of it. I also love it because my favorite color is green. My friends call me Jadey, Jadester, and Jaders. My favorite nickname was from my grandpa who called me Pebbles.
written by Jade OKeefe, July 26, 2009
My name is Jade and I absolutely LOVE it. Keep it short and sweet like everyone says...jade is short and sweet. But, one thing that happens to me a lot is that people get my name wrong....they think it's Jane or Jay or Jada (I might mumble when I say my name....but that's very unlikely) But other than that, everything about my name is great, and like other jades i have a lot of nicknames...most people gravitate towards that's what most people call me. you can't go wrong with a unique name that's only 4 letters long!
this is a BEAUTIFUL name(:
written by Isabella Jade, January 03, 2010
my name is Isabella Jade and I think its absoloutly beatiful(: my mother thought of Jade first, but she also liked Isabella, so briliantly, she combined them into a name i've never heard on anyone else but myself.I reccomend it(: my nickname by my dad is JadeyBug and my moms is Bella-Boo(: lol.beautiful,if i do say so myself.
written by abie, July 26, 2010
No freakin way! That's crazy I'm pregnant and if its a girl I was namin it isabella jade and was gonna call her bella or jade. I've always loved the name jade
written by shayle, September 09, 2010
my daughters middle name is Jade i love the name its beautiful Breeanna Jade is my daughters name its so beautiful

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