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The name Jennifer is a baby girl name. The name Jennifer comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Jennifer is: Fair one. Variant of Guinevere. In Arthurian Mythology Guinevere was Arthur's queen.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Fair one. Variant of Guinevere. In Arthurian Mythology Guinevere was Arthur's queen.
Expression number: 9
SoulUrge Number: 1
Average Visitor Rating: 4.29 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 121

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Comments (15)Add Comment
written by jennifer b, February 09, 2008
i dont know what all those things mean
too many JENNIFER's
written by jennifeR :D, February 15, 2008
i LOVE my name but there are too many Jennifer's. :(
Still gotta love it
written by Jennifer SNorkekdork, February 18, 2008
Ya there are a lot of jennifers but i love being called Jen!!
written by Jenafwar, February 19, 2008

I get called allot. Jen, Jenni, Jennifer, JenJen, Jenski, but personally I like Jenafwar. Jenafwar is so FRENCH and DRAMATIC. [Jen-ah-fwah is how its said] I think that my name suits me and all the other things that mean me add up too. I am a leo, and even my birthday from the birthday book described me who i really am. Weird but awesome.

Later other Jennifers!!!

I spell it different
written by jenipher, February 19, 2008
I personally like jenipher. its so unique.
Love it!
written by Jennifer P, February 26, 2008
My name is Jennifer and I love it! I personally don't know many Jennifers. I am called Jen, Jenny, and sometimes even Jenni4. I hate it when people spell Jen with 2 n's (Jenn) it just bothers me I don't know why! Overall I love the name and its meaning!!!
written by Jennifer D, February 27, 2008
I like my name, but i definatly would not call it unique.
You can make it unique!
written by Jenalou, March 11, 2008
Just because the full name Jennifer is common doesnt mean you cant make yourself unique! I've seen plenty of ways to spell it to make it unique theres
Jenifer, Jennifer, Jenipher, Gennifer, Jenafur, Jenafer... and I'm not even going into all the nicknames =)

Jenalou =)
A good name always seems to be used a lot...
written by Iffer, March 19, 2008
I am of course a Jennifer. I prefer to be called Jennifer, not Jen and certainly never Jenny. (Did you know 'Jenny' is a female donkey...).
When I was born, Jennifer was not a common name but it certainly was from the mid 70's onward. I like my name, it is a strong independent name for a girl.
too many of us!
written by Jen, May 05, 2008
I am always being referred to as Jen E, or Jen 1, especially when I was in school. I prefer to spell my nickname with 1 n which I always have to tell people when I give them my name, "Jen with one n." I would never name my child Jennifer.
way to many!!
written by Jennifer B., September 04, 2008
I too am a Jennifer! Jennifer Lynne to be exact. I like to go by Jen-Jen to my friends!
haha way to many for sure...
written by Jennifer D., September 28, 2008
i just have to say that I too am Jennifer... Jennifer Marie ... I like it its pretty... and well a major LOL at the fact that I too go by "Jenn-Jenn" (the only difference is that I prefer to use 2 N's instead of one...) =P LOL
written by Jennifer Leach, January 12, 2010
I used an application on Facebook that grades your parents originality according to the name they gave you and they got a F- for naming me Jennifer. 97% of other names are more original than mine :(
written by miranda, April 24, 2010
i loke the name jennifer nicole because i think it is unique to me
written by JAL, May 31, 2010
I was born in the mid-seventies and my name is Jennifer Anne. I like my name. I've been called Jen, Jenn, Jenny, Jen-Jen, etc. I must admit my husband is the first person to ever call me Fer. It makes me laugh and he's the first person to ever do it. Finally a part of my name that is "unique". :)

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