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The name Kara is a baby girl name. The name Kara comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Kara is: Variant of Katherine. Pure.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Variant of Katherine. Pure.
Expression number: 4
SoulUrge Number: 2
Average Visitor Rating: 4.45 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 57

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I Agree with Kara W.
written by Kara M., February 07, 2008
I'm 28 years old and I absolutely love my name. I get lots of complements on it too. I have a short last name and this name definitely works for me. Thanks, Mom and Dad! :-D
Love It!
written by Kara H., February 14, 2008
I absolutley love my name, granted it did have to grow on me a little when i was younger but now i am so happy my parents named me Kara!
Kara pwns! ;D
written by Kara L., March 02, 2008
I love my name! I'm currently 15 years old and I have love my name ever since I knew my name was Kara!

'Pure' is such a pretty word. I'm so happy it means Kara.
written by Kara.R, March 03, 2008
my name is kara to.. i dont mind it ..but i dont love it. i look more like a Carly.
this name is awsomee
written by kara capps, March 04, 2008
this name isnt really that bad.
it might be simple but its very beautiful!
i love my name being kara!
written by Kara, obviously, March 20, 2008
i think it could be better... it's kind of annoying, but it works.
written by kara, June 08, 2008
i love my name!!!!! it is the best name ever
written by Maggie, August 15, 2008
If I have a baby girl I was thinking about the name
Kara Koterba - what does anything think?
written by kevyn, September 26, 2008
im am currently pregannt and don't find out until december what it is but was really likeing the name kara, i love the meaning and that's what babies are is pure joy!
written by kara, October 13, 2008
i love my name too! its so interesting to see karas that like their names as well. im irish and have been to ireland frequently and it is also derived from the word friend, just as cara means dear one in italian. beautiful! good luck with the name choosing!
my name! c:
written by karah, October 17, 2008
I spell my name with an h. Karah...It constantly have to correct ppl bc they want to spell it cara or kara.. But i love my name and I love the H on the Ive never met another karah whose spelt it the same way as me!
my name!!
written by Kara, September 04, 2009
i love my name!! ussually people say it like car-uh i hate that! amnd they always spell it with a c. i love my name tho
written by Writer2be, December 08, 2009
I love this name! I think it's super pretty when pronounced like car-uh, rather than care-uh. My first-born daughter will most likely have this name, and a character in one of my stories does too. I was very surprised when I met someone this summer that has this name, so I know I'm not the only person who like it!
I loveee it
written by Kara, January 28, 2010
I used too absolutely hate my name, i always would ask my mom " why mommy why kara " she used to say its pretty it fits you. Now being 18 years old in rhode island nobody i no has my name there either ashley melissa amy or whatever just no karas i love my name now

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